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Research Documents: Post Harvest

  • Theivarasu, C.; Mylsamy, S. Comparative adsorption study of Acid Red 18 on cocoa (Theobroma cacao) Shell and Commercial Activated Carbon. International Journal Research Chemistry Environment (ijrce), vol., no.2 pp.159-165, 2011

  • Owusu, M. Influence of raw material and processing on aroma in chocolate. Ph.D. thesis, Faculty of Life Science, University of Copenhagen, October 2010.

  • Ndukwu, M.C., Simonyan, K.J., Ndirika, V.I.O. Investigation of the structural changes of cocoa bean (with and without seed coat) during convective drying. International Journal of Agricultural Biological Engineering, vol. 5 (3), p. 75-82, 2012.

  • Lima, L.J., van der Velpen, V., Wolkers-Rooijackers, J., Kamphuis, H.J., Zwietering, M.H., Nout, M.J. Microbiota dynamics and diversity at different stages of industrial processing of cocoa beans into cocoa powder. Applied Environmental microbiology, vol. 78 no.8 pp.2904-2913,2012.

  • Binh, P.T., HoaiTram, T.T., HoangAnh, T.T., Thuong, N.V., Thoa, P.T., Thao, P.V., ThamHa, T.T. Using ultrazyme (Novozyme) for improving cocoa fermentation process and cocoa bean quality in Vietnam. International Journal Agricultural Technology; 2012; 8 (5); 1613-1623, 2012.

  • Akinoso, R., Osunrinade, O.A. Mass transfer during oil extraction from palm kernel, cocoa and groundnut. Journal Engineering Applied Sciences, 7 (4), pp. 326-330, 2012.

  • Adeleke, E.O., Omafuvbe, B.O., Adewale, I.O., Bakare, M.K. Purification and characterisation of a cellulase obtained from cocoa (theobroma cacao) pod-degrading bacillus coagulans co4 [Bacillus coagulans co4’dan selülaz enziminin saflaşti ve karakterizasyonu]. Turkish Journal of Biochemistry, 37 (3), pp. 222-230, 2012.

  • Ardhana, M.M.; Fleet, G.H. The microbial ecology of cocoa bean fermentations in Indonesia. International journal of food microbiology, vol. 86, p. 87-99, 2003.

  • Sukha, D.A.; Butler, D.R.; Umaharan, P.; Boult, E. The use of an optimised organoleptic assessment protocol to describe and quantify different flavour attributes of cocoa liquors made from Ghana and Trinitario beans. European Food Research and Technology, 2007 (DOI 10.1007/s00217-006-0551-2).

  • Hug, B.; Golay, P.-A.; Guiffrida, F.; Dionisi F.; Destaillanto, F. Development of a gas-liquid chromatographic method for the Analysis of fatty acid tryptamides in cocoa products. J. Agric. Food Chem., vol. 54, p. 3199-3203, 2006.

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