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Research Documents: Post Harvest

  • Pereira, G.V., Miguel, M.G., Ramos, C.L., Schwan, R.F. Microbiological and Physicochemical Characterization of Small-Scale Cocoa Fermentations and Screening of Yeast and Bacteria Strains for the Development of a Defined Starter Culture. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 2012 May 25.

  • Pinheiro, A.A., Veloso, C.M., Santana Júnior, H.A. de, Rocha Neto, A.L., Silva R.R., Mendes, F.B.L., Oliveira, L.N. de, Azevedo, S.T., Cecato, U. Avaliação dos intervalos e números de observações no comportamento ingestivo de novilhas leiteiras confinadas. Evaluation of the intervals and numbers of observations on the ingestive behavior of dairy heifers confined. Rev. Bras. Saúde Prod. An., Salvador, vol. 12, p. 480-490, 2011.

  • Jumnongpon, R., Chaiseri, S., Hongsprabhas, P., Healy, J.P., Meade, S.J., Gerrard, J.A. Cocoa protein crosslinking using Maillard chemistry. Food chemistry; 2012; 134 (1); 375-380.

  • Illeghems, K., De Vuyst, L., Papalexandratou, Z., Weckx, S. Phylogenetic analysis of a spontaneous cocoa bean fermentation metagenome reveals new insights into its bacterial and fungal community diversity. PLoS One. 2012, vol. 7(5):e38040. Epub 2012 May 29.

  • Stark, T.; Bareuther, S.; Hofmann, T . Sensory-guided decomposition of roasted cocoa nibs (Theobroma cacao) and structure determination of taste-active polyphenols. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. Vol. 53 (13), p. 5407-5418.

  • Bonvehi, J.S. Investigation of aromatic compounds in roasted cocoa powder. Eur. Food Research and Technology, vol. 221, p. 19-29. 2005.

  • Hug, B.; Golay, P.A.; Giuffrida, F.; Dionisi, F.; Destaillats, F . Development of a gas-liquid chromatographic method for the analysis of fatty acid tryptamides in cocoa products. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. Vol. 54, p. 3199-3203, 2006.

  • Stark, T.; Bareuther, S.; Hofmann, T. Molecular definition of the taste of roasted cocoa nibs (Theobroma cacao ) by means of quantitative studies and sensory experiments. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 54, p. 5530-5539, 2006.

  • Labbe, D.; Damevin, L.; Vaccher, C.; Morgenegg, C.; Martin, N. Modulation of perceived taste by olfaction in familiar and unfamiliar beverages. Food Quality and Preference, vol. 17, p. 582-589, 2006.

  • Frauendorfer, F.; Schieberle, P. Identification of the key aroma compounds in cocoa powder based on molecular sensory correlations. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.54, p. 5521-5529, 2006.

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