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Research Documents: Post Harvest

  • Hurst, W.J., Krake, S.H., Bergmeier, S.C., Payne, M.J., Miller, K.B., Stuart, D.A. Impact of fermentation, drying, roasting and Dutch processing on flavan-3-ol stereochemistry in cacao beans and cocoa ingredients.Chem. Cent. J., Sep 14; 5 (1):53, 2011. [Epub ahead of print].

  • Zarić, D. B., Pajin, B.S., Rakin, M.B., Seres, Z.I.,; Dokic, L.P., Tomic, J.M. Effect of soya milk on nutritive, antioxidative, reological and textural properties of chocolate produced in a ball mill. Hemijska Industrija, vol. 65, p. 563-573, 2011, (Serbian with English Abstract).

  • Teixeira, M.F.S, Andrade, J.S., Fernandes, O.C.C., Duŕan, N., Lima Filho, J.L. Quality attributes of Cupuaçu juice in response to treatment with crude enzyme extract produced by Aspergillus japonicas.

  • Anang, B.J., Fordjour, E., Fiatusey Boateng, V. Farmers’ Management Practices and the Quality of Cocoa Beans in Upper Denkyira District of Ghana. Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, vol. 3, p. 487-491, 2011.

  • Ribeiro, A. P. B. ; Corrêa Basso, R. ; Gonçalves, L. A.G. ; Gioielli, L. A. ; Oliveira dos Santos, A. ; Pavie Cardoso, L. ; Guenter Kieckbusch, T. Physicochemical properties of Brazilian cocoa butter and industrial blends. Part II Microstructure, polymorphic behavior and crystallization characteristics. Grasas y Aceites, vol. 63, p. 89-99, 2012.

  • Ribeiro, A. P. B. ; Claro da Silva, R. ; Gioielli, L. A. ; de Almeida Gonçalves, M. I.; Grimaldi, R. ; Gonçalves, L.A.G. ; Guenter Kieckbusch, T. Physico-chemical properties of Brazilian cocoa butter and industrial blends. Part I Chemical composition, solid fat content and consistency. Grasas y Aceites, vol. 63, p. 79-88, 2012.

  • Pajin, B., Zarić, D., Dokić, L., Šereš, Z., Šoronja-Simović, D., Omorjan, R., Lončarević, I. Influence of emulsifiers on the optimization of processing parameters of refining milk chocolate in the ball mill. Acta Periodica Technologica, vol. 2011, Issue 42, p. 101-110, 2011.

  • Borhan, R-H., Said, M., Sahri, M.M. Enzymatic interesterification of palm products for producing low calorie cocoa butter substitutes. Journal of Applied Sciences, vol. 11, p. 3750-3754, 2011

  • Syamsiro, M. Saptoadi, H., Tambunan, B.H. Experimental Investigation on Combustion of Bio-Pellets from Indonesian Cocoa Pod Husk. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 4: 712-719, 2011.

  • Schmarr, H.-G., Engel, K.-H. Analysis and stereodifferentiation of linalool in Theobroma cacao and cocoa products using enantioselective multidimensional gas chromatography. European Food Research and Technology, pp. 1-8, 2012. Article in Press.

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