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Research Documents: Post Harvest

  • Massolt, E.T., van Haard, P.M., Rehfeld, J.F., Posthuma, E.F., van der Veer, E., Schweitzer, D.H. Appetite suppression through smelling of dark chocolate correlates with changes in ghrelin in young women. Regulatory Peptides, doi:10.1016/j.regpep.2010.01.05, 2010

  • Humston, E.M., Knowles, J.D., McShea, A., Synovec, R.E. Quantitative assessment of moisture damage for cacao bean quality using two-dimensional gas chromatography combined with time-of-flight mass spectrometry and chemometrics. Journal of Chromatography A, 1217 (12), pp. 1963-1970, 2010

  • Cambrai, A., Marcic, C., Morville, S., Houer, P.S., Bindler, F., Marchioni, E.Differentiation of chocolates according to the cocoa’s geographical origin using chemometrics. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 58 (3), pp. 1478-1483, 2010

  • Neff, W.E., Byrdwell, W.C., List, G.R. Triacylglycerol structures of food fats high in saturated acids by HPLC and mass spectrometry. Journal of liquid chromatography & related technologies, vol. 24, p. 837-854, 2001

  • Sessa, D.J. Derivation of a cocoa butter equivalent from jojoba transesterified ester via a differential scanning calorimetry index. Journal Science Food Agriculture, vol. 72, p. 295-298, 1996

  • Çiftçi, O.N., Fadiloğlu, S., Kowalski, B., Göğüş, F. Síntesis de los triacilglicéridos de la manteca de cacao mediante un sistema modelo de acidolisis. Grasas y Aceites, vol. 59, No 4, p. 316-320, 2008

  • Anvoh, K.Y.B.; Zoro Bi, A.; Gnakri, D. Production and Characterization of Juice from Mucilage of Cocoa Beans and its Transformation into Marmalade. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, vol. 8, p. 129-133, 2009

  • Zahouli, G.I.B., Tagro Guehi, S., Monké Fae, A., Ban-Koffi, L., Gnopo Nemlin, J. Effect of Drying Methods on the Chemical Quality Traits of Cocoa Raw Material. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, vol. 2, p. 184-190, 2010.

  • Guehi, T.S., Dabonne, S., Ban-Koffi, L., Dabonne, S., Ban-Koffi, L., Kra Kedjebo, D., Zahouli, G.I.B. Effect of Turning Beans and Fermentation Method on the Acidity and Physical Quality of Raw Cocoa Beans. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technologyvol. 2, p. 163-171, 2010.

  • Erukainure, O.L., Egagah, T.I., Bolaji, P.T., Ajiboye, A.J. Development and quality assessment of date chocolate products. American Journal of Food Technology, vol. 5, p. 324-330, 2010.

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