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Research Documents: Post Harvest

  • Peralta-Jiménez, L., Cañizares-Macías, M.P. Ultrasound-assisted method for extraction of theobromine and caffeine from cacao seeds and chocolate products. Food Bioprocess Technol., vol. 6 (12), p. 3522-3529, 2013.

  • Moreira, I.M.; Miguel, M.G.; Duarte, W.F.; Dias, D.R.; Schwan, R.F. Microbial succession and the dynamics of metabolites and sugars during the fermentation of three different cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) hybrids. Food Research International, vol. 54 (1), p. 9-17, 2013.

  • Mattia, C.D., Martuscelli, M., Sacchetti, G., Scheirlinck, I., Beheydt, B., Mastrocola, D.; Pittia, P. Effect of fermentation and drying on procyanidins, antiradical activity and reducing properties of cocoa beans. Food Bioprocess Technol., vol. 6 (12), p. 3420-3432, 2013.

  • Kothe, L., Zimmermann, B.F., Galensa, R. Temperature influences epimerization and composition of flavanols monomers, dimmers and trimers during cocoa bean roasting. Food Chemistry, vol. 141, p. 3656-3663, 2013.

  • Igbinadolor, R.O., Onilude, A.A. Bioprocess systems applied for the production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass of cocoa pod husk (Theobroma cacao L.) and other agricultural residues: A review. African J. Biotechnology, vol. 12, p. 5375-5388, 2013.

  • Dano, S.D., Manda, P., Dembélé, A., Abla, A.M.-J.K., Bibaud, J.H., Gouet, J.Z., Sika, C.B.Z.M. Influence of fermentation and drying materials on the contamination of cocoa beans by Ochratoxin A. Toxins, vol. 5 (12), p. 2310-2323, 2013.

  • Chan, S.-Y., Choo, W.-S. Effect of extraction conditions on the yield and chemical properties of pectin from cocoa husks. Food Chemistry, vol. 141 (4), p. 3752-3758, 2013.

  • Beppu, F., Nagai, T., Yoshinaga, K., Mizobe, H., Kojima, K, Gotoh, N. Quantification of triacylglycerol molecular species in cocoa butter using high-performance liquid chromatography equipped with nano quantity analyte detector. J. Oleo Sci., vol. 62 (10), p. 789-94, 2013.

  • Aderinto, S. Where is the boundary? Cocoa conflict, land tenure, and politics in western Nigeria, 1890s—1960. J. Social History, vol. 47, p. 176-195, 2013. (Socio-EconomicLandTenureConflict1.49MB) **Ahmad, F., Daud, W.M.A.W., Ahmad, M.A., Radzi, R., Azmi, A.A. The effects of CO2 activation, on porosity and surface functional groups of cocoa (Theobroma cacao) – Shell based activated carbon. J. Environ. Chem. Eng., vol. 1 (3), p. 378-388, 2013.

  • Adamafio, N.A. Theobromine toxicity and remediation of cocoa by-products: an overview. J. Biol. Sci., vol. 13 (7), p. 570–576.

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