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Research Documents: Phytonutrients

  • Ritter, C.; Zimmermann, B.F.; Galensa, R. Chiral separation of (+)/(-)-catechin from sulfated and glucuronidated metabolites in human plasma after cocoa consumption.(2010) Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Article in Press. DOI: 10.1007/s00216-010-3542-x

  • Muniyappa, R., Hall, G., Kolodziej, T.L., Karne, R.J., Crandon, S.K., Quon, M.J. Cocoa consumption for 2 wk enhances insulin-mediated vasodilatation without improving blood pressure or insulin resistance in essential hypertension. Amer. Journal Clinical Nutrition, vol.88, p.1685-1696, 2008

  • Noori, S., Zafar, H., Mahboob, T. Biochemical Effectiveness of Cocoa Powder on Electrolytes Homeostasis, Liver and Cardiac Specific Enzymes and Renal Function. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, vol. 8, p. 882-886, 2009.

  • Jové, M., Serrano, J., Bellmunt, M., Cassanyé, A., Anglès, N., Reguant, J., Morelló, J., Pamplona, R., Portero-Otín, M. When cholesterol is not cholesterol: a note on the enzymatic determination of its concentration in model systems containing vegetable extracts. Lipids in Health and Disease vol. 9:65. 2010.

  • Bliss, R.M. Plant compounds inhibit blood clotting. Agricultural Research Magazine. January 2006. Natural compounds in pepper, wolfberry and cocoa inhibit blood platelet stickiness.

  • Niemenak, N.; Rohsius, C.; Elwers, S.; Ndoumou, D.O.; Lieberei, R. Comparative study of different cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) clones in terms of their phenolics and anthocyanins contents. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, vol.19, p. 612-619.

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