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Research Documents: Organic

  • Ayenor, G.K., Röling, N.G., Padi, B., Van Huis, A., Obeng-Ofori, D., Atengdem, P.B. Converging farmers’ and scientists’ perspectives on researchable constraints on organic cocoa production in Ghana: Results of a diagnostic study. NJAS – Wageningen Journal Life Sciences, vol. 52 (3-4), p. 261-284, 2004.

  • Faturoti B. O., Madukwe M. C., Ogunedojutimi O., Anyanwu L. Socioeconomic impact of SARO agro allied organic cocoa programme on beneficiary cocoa farmers in Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development vol. 4(16), p. 435-445, 2012.


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