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Research Documents: Morphology

  • Ayestas Villega, E.D. 2009. Caracterización morfológica de cien árboles promisorios de Theobroma cacao L. en Waslala, RAAN, Nicaragua, 2009. [Morphological characterization of one hundred promising Theobroma cacao L. trees in Waslala, RAAN, Nicaragua, 2009] Tesis Ing. Agr. UNA, Managua, Nicaragua. 58 p. Spanish with English summary.

  • Santos, R.C., Pires, L., Correa, R.X. Morphological characterization of leaf, flower, fruitand seed traits among Brazilian Theobroma L. species. Genet. Resour.Crop Evol. 59:327–345, 2012, DOI 10.1007/s10722-011-9685-6.


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