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Research Documents: Human Nutrition

  • Urpi-Sarda, M., Llorach, R., Khan, N., Monagas, M., Rotches-Ribalta, M., Lamuela-Raventos, R., Estruch, R., Tinahones, F.J., Andres-Lacueva, C. Effect of milk on the urinary excretion of microbial phenolic acids after cocoa powder consumption in humans. J. Agricultural Food Chemistry, vol. 58, p. 4706-11

  • Patel, A.K., Rogers, J.T., Huang. X. Flavanols, mild cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s dementia. International Journal Clinical Experimental Medicine, vol. 1(2):181-191, 2008

  • Osakabe, N., Yamagishi, M. Procyanidins in Theobroma cacao Reduce Plasma Cholesterol Levels in High Cholesterol-Fed Rats. Journal Clinical Biochemical Nutrition, vol. 45, p.131-136, 2009

  • Nurk, E., Refsum, H., Drevon, C.A., Tell, G.S., Nygaard, H.A., Engedal, K., Smith, A.D. Intake of flavonoid-rich wine, tea, and chocolate by elderly men and women is associated with better cognitive test performance. Journal Nutrition, vol.139, p.120-127, 2009

  • Muniyappa, R., Hall, G., Kolodziej, T.L., Karne, R.J., Crandon, S.K., Quon, M.J. Cocoa consumption for 2 wk enhances insulin-mediated vasodilatation without improving blood pressure or insulin resistance in essential hypertension. Amer. Journal Clinical Nutrition, vol.88, p.1685-1696, 2008

  • Lanoue, L., Green, K.K., Kwik-Uribe, C., Keen, C.L. Dietary factors and the risk for acute infant leukemia: evaluating the effects of cocoa-derived flavanols on DNA topoisomerase activity. Experimental Biology Medicine, vol. 235, p. 77-89, 2010

  • Hanhineva, K., Törrönen, R., Bondia-Pons, I., Pekkinen, J., Kolehmainen, M., Mykkänen, H., Poutanen, K. Impact of dietary polyphenols on carbohydrate metabolism. International Journal Molecular Science, vol. 11, pp. 1365-402, 2010

  • Almoosawi, S.; Fyfe, L.; Ho, C.; Al-Dujaili, E. The effect of polyphenol-rich dark chocolate on fasting capillary whole blood glucose, total cholesterol, blood pressure and glucocorticoids in healthy overweight and obese subjects. The British journal of Nutrition, vol. 103 (6), pp. 842-850, 2010

  • Addai, F.K. Natural cocoa as diet-mediated antimalarial prophylaxis. Medical Hypotheses, 74 (5), pp. 825-830, 2010

  • Gu, L., Kelm, M., Hammerstone, J.F., Beecher, G., Cunningham, D., Vannozzi, S., Prior, R.L. Fractionation of polymeric procyanidins from lowbush blueberry and quantification of procyanidins in selectedfoods with an optimized normal-phase HPLC-MS fluorescent detection method. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. J., vol. 50, p. 4852-4860, 2002

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