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Research Documents: Human Nutrition

  • Ortega, N.; Reguant, J.; Romero, M.-P.; Macia, A.; Motilva, M.-J. Effect of fat content on the digestibility and bioaccessibility of cocoa polyphenol by an in vitro digestion model. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.57, p5743-5749, 2009

  • Ohno, M.; Sakamoto, K.Q.; Ishizuka, M.; Fujita, S. Crude cacao theobroma cacao extract reduces mutagenicity induced by benzo[a]pyrene through inhibition of CYP1A activity in vitro. Phytotherapy Research – PTR, vol. 23, p. 1134-1139, 2009

  • Cienfuegos-Jovellanos, E.; Quinones, M. del Mar; Muguerza, B.; Moulay, L.; Miguel, M.; Aleixandre, A. Antihypertensive effect of a polyphenol-rich cocoa powder industrially processed to preserve the original flavonoids of the cocoa beans. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 57, p. 6156-62, 2009

  • Calderon, A.I.; Wright, B.J.; Hurst, W.J.; van Breemen, R.B. Screening antioxidants using LC-MS: case study with cocoa. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 57, p. 5693-5699, 2009

  • Belscak, A.; Komes, D.; Horzic, D.; Ganic, K.K., Karlovic, D. Comparative study of commercially available cocoa products in terms of their bioactive composition. Food Research International, vol. 42, p. 707-716, 2009

  • Schmitt, C.A.; Dirsch, V.M. Modulation of endothelial nitric oxide by plant-derived products. Nitric oxide – biology and chemistry, vol. 21, p. 77-91, 2009

  • Kalili, K.M.; de Villiers, A. Off-line comprehensive 2-dimensional hydrophilic interaction xreversed phase liquid chromatography analysis of procyanidins. Journal of Chromatography, vol.1216, p. 6274-84, 2009

  • Davis, S.C.; Perez, R. Cosmeceuticals and natural products: wound healing. Clinics in dermatology, vol. 27, p. 502-506, 2009

  • Pimentel, F.A., Nitzke, J.A., Klipel, C.B., de Jong, E.V. Chocolate and red wine – A comparison between flavonoids content. Food chemistry, vol. 120, pp. 109-112, 2010

  • Miller, K.B., Hurst, W.J., Flannigan, N., Ou, B., Lee, C.Y., Smith, N., Stuart, D.A.Survey of commercially available chocolate- and cocoa-containing products in the United States. 2. Comparison of flavan-3-ol content with nonfat cocoa solids, total polyphenols, and percent cacao. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 57 (19), p. 9169-9180, 2009

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