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Research Documents: Genomics and Physiology

  • Bos, M.M.; Ingolf, T.T. Shade tree management affects fruit abortion, insect pests and pathogens of cacao. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, vol. 120, P. 201-205, 2007.

  • Araujo, A.C.; Intorne, A.C.; Pereira, M.G.; Lopes, U.V. ; de Souza Filho,G. Development and characterization of a novel tetra-, tri- and di-nucleotide microsatellite markers in cacao (Theobroma cacaoL.). Molecular breeding, vol. 20, p. 73-81, 2007.

  • Hartemink, A.E. 2005 Nutrient stocks, nutrient cycling and soil changes in cocoa ecosystems – a review. Advances in Agronomy, vol. 86, p. 227-253, 2005.

  • Zhang, D.; Boccara, M.; Motilal, L.; Butler, S.R.; Umaharan, P.; Mischke, S.; Meinhardt, L. Microsatellite variation and population structure in the’Refractario’ cacao of Ecuador. Conservation Genetics, online first DOI 10.1007/s/0592-007-9345-8, 2008.

  • Arnold, A.E.; Engelbrecht, B.M.J. Fungal endophytes nearly double minimum leaf conductance in seedlings of a neotropical tree species. J. of Tropical Ecology, vol. 23, p. 369-372, 2007.

  • Johnson, E.S.; Mora, A.; Schnell, RJ. Field guide efficacy in the identification of reallocated clonally propagated accessions of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.). Genetic Resources Crop Evolution, vol. 54, p. 1301-1313, 2007.

  • García Carrion, L.F. Identificación de cultivares de cacao, Guía de Campo (in Spanish). Universidad Nacional Agraria de la Selva, Tingo María, Peru. 2007

  • Zobel, Richard W.; Kinraide, T.B. ; Baligar, V.C. Fine root diameters can change in response to changes in nutrient concentrations. Plant and Soil, vol. 297, p. 234-254, 2007.

  • Lachenaud, P.; Paulin, D.; Ducamp, M.; Thevenin, J.M. Twenty years of agronomic evaluation of wild cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao L.) from French Guiana. Scientia Horticulturae, vol. 113, issue 4, p.313-321.

  • Brown, J.S.; Phillips-Mora, W.; Power, E.J.; Krol, C.; Cervantes-Martinez, C.; Motamajor, J.C.; Schnell, R.J. Mapping QTLs for resistance to frosty pod and black pod diseases and horticultural traits in Theobroma cacao L. Crop Science, vol. 47, p. 1851-1858, 2007.

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