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Research Documents: Genomics and Physiology

  • Arlorio, M.; Coisson, J.D.; Travaglia, F.; Varsaldi, F.; Miglio, G.; Lombardi, G.; Martelli, A. Antioxidant and biological activity of phenolic pigments from Theobroma cacao hulls extracted with supercritical CO2 . Food research international vol. 38, p. 1009-1014. 2005.

  • Osman, H.; Nasarudin, R.; Lee, S.L Extracts of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) leaves and their antioxidation potential. Food chemistry vol. 86, p. 41-46. 2004.

  • Edwin , J.; Masters, W. A.Genetic improvement and cocoa yields in Ghana. Experimental Agriculture, vol. 41, p. 491-503. 2005. Breeding and use of fertilizer.

  • Maximova, S.N.; Marelli, J.-P.; Young, A.; Pishak, S.; Verica, J.A.; Guiltinan, M.J. Over-expression of a cacao class I chitinase in Theobroma cacao L. enhances resistance against the pathogen, Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes. Planta vol. 223, No.2 2005 ISSN:0032-0935.

  • Brunetto, M. del R.; Gutierrez, L.; Delgado, Y.; Gallignani, M.; Zambrano, A.; Gomez , Determination of theobromine, theophylline and caffeine in cocoa samples by a high-performance liquid chromatographic method with on-line sample cleanup in a switching-column system. Food chemistry, vol. 100, p. 459-467. 2006.

  • Zhang, D.; Mischke, S.; Goenaga, R.; Hemeida, A.A.; Saunders, J.A. Accuracy and reliability of high through-put microsatellite genotyping for cacao clone identification. Crop Science, vol. 46, p. 2084-2092, 2006.

  • Gotti, R.; Furlanetto, S.; Pinzauti S.; Cavrini V. Analysis of catechins in Theobroma cacao beans by cyclodextrin-modified micellar electrokinetic chromatography. Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 1112, p. 345-352, 2006

  • Bekele, F. L.; Bekele, I.; Butler, D. R.; Bidaisee, G. G. Patterns of morphological variation in a sample of cacao ( Theobroma cacao L.) germplasm from the International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, vol.53, P. 933-948, 2006

  • Rodriguez Lopez, C.M.; Wetten, A.C.; Wilkinson, M.J. Detection and quantification of in vitro-culture induced chimerism using simple sequence repeat (SSR) analysis in Theobroma cacao (L.). Theoretical and applied genetics. Vol. 2, p. 157-166. 2004.

  • Zhang. D.; Arevalo-Gardini, E.; Mischke, S.; Zuniga-Cernades, L.; Barreto-Chavez, A.; Aguila J.A. Genetic Diversity and Structure of Managed and Semi-natural Populations of Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) in the Huallaga and Ucayali Valleys of Peru. Annals of Botany, vol. 98, p. 647-655, 2006.

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