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Research Documents: Genomics and Physiology

  • Eskes A.B., editor. Collaborative and Participatory Approaches to Cocoa Variety Improvement. Final report of the CFC/ICCO/Bioversity project on “Cocoa Productivity and Quality Improvement: a Participatory Approach” (2004-2010). CFC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ICCO, London, UK/Bioversity International, Rome, Italy.

  • Aikpokpodion , P.O., Adeogun, S.O. A diagnostic study of constraints to achieving yield potentials of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) varieties and farm productivity in Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 3, issue 4, 2011.

  • Lopes, U.V., Monteiro, W.R., Pires, J.L., Clement, D., Yamada, M.M., Gramacho, K.P. Cacao breeding in Bahia, Brazil – strategies and results. Crop Breeding and Appl. Biotechnology, vol. 11, p. 73-81, 2011.

  • Aikpokpodion, P.O., Kolesnikova-Allen, M., Adetrimirin, V.O., Guiltinan, M.J., Eskes, A.B., Motamayor, J.-C., Schnell, R.J. Population structure and molecular characterization of Nigerian field genebank collections of cacao, Theobroma cacao L. Silvae Genetica 59, 6, 2010.

  • Pinheiro T.T., Litholdo, Jr. C.G., Sereno, M.L., Leal, Jr. G.A., Albuquerque, P.S., Figueira, A. Establishing references for gene expression analyses by RT-qPCR in Theobroma cacao tissues. Genet Mol Res., Nov 17; 10(4), [Epub ahead of print], 2011.

  • Yang, J.Y., Motilal, L.A., Dempewolf, H., Maharaj, K., Cronk, Q.C.B. Chloroplast Microsatellite Primers for Cacao (Theobroma cacao) and other Malvaceae. (2011) American Journal of Botany, 98 (12), pp. e372-e374.

  • Takrama, J., Dadzie, A.M., Opoku, F.K., Padi, F.K., Adomako, B., Asu-Ampomah, Y. Livingstone, D.S., Motamayor, J.C., Schnell, R.J., Kuhn, R.J. Applying SNP marker technology in the cacao breeding programme in Ghana. African Crop Science Journal, vol. 20, pp. 67-75, 2012.

  • Santos, R.C., Pires, L., Correa, R.X. Morphological characterization of leaf, flower, fruitand seed traits among Brazilian Theobroma L. species. Genet. Resour.Crop Evol. 59:327–345, 2012, DOI 10.1007/s10722-011-9685-6.

  • Santos, E.S.L., Cerqueira-Silva, C.B.M., Mori, G.M., Ahnert, D., Corrêa, R.X., Souza, A.P. New polymorphic microsatellite loci for Theobroma cacao: Isolation and characterization of microsatellites from enriched genomic libraries. Biologia Plantarum, 56 (4), pp. 789-792, 2012.

  • Oyewole, O.S.; Ajayi, I.O.; Rotimi, R.I. Growth of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) seedlings on old cocoa soils amended with organic and inorganic fertilizers. African Journal Agricultural Research vol. 7, pp.3604-3608, 2012.

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