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Research Documents: Genomics and Physiology

  • Rehem, B.C., Almeida, A.A., Corrêa, R.X., Gesteira, A.S., Yamada, M.M., Valle, R.R. Genetic mapping of Theobroma cacao (Malvaceae) seedlings of the Parinari series, carriers of the lethal gene Luteus-Pa. Genetic Molecular Research, vol. 8, p. 1775-1784, 2010.

  • Kuhn, D.N., Figueira, A., Lopes, U., Motamayor, J.C., Meerow , A.W., Cariaga, K., Freeman, B., Livingstone, D.S., Schnell, R.J. Evaluating Theobroma grandiflorum for comparative genomic studies with Theobroma cacao. Tree Genetics & Genomes, vol. 6, p. 783-792, 2010.

  • Armado, A., Contreras, F., García, P., Paolini, J. Correlación de actividades enzimáticas con la respiración basal en suelos cacaoteros del occidente venezolano Advances Quimica, vol. 4, p. 73-77, 2009.

  • Suparno, A. The Effectiveness of AMF Inoculum to Enhance the Potency of Papuan Crandallite Phosphate Rock and the Growth of Cocoa Seedling. Jurnal Tanah Tropika, vol. 14 (3), p. 261-267, 2009.

  • Shi, Z., Maximova, S., Lui, Y., Verica, J., and Guiltinan, M. Functional Analysis of the Theobroma cacao NPR1 Gene in Arabidopsis. BMC Plant Biology, 10:248, 2010

  • Rendiles, E., Dimas, A., Montero, L. Preliminary study of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) crop in the Municipality of Tucupita. Delta Amacuro state, Venezuela. Revista Científica UDO Agrícola, vol. 9, p. 268-272, 2009.

  • Bako Baon , J. Use of Plant Derived Ash as Potassium Fertilizer and Its Effects on Soil Nutrient Status and Cocoa Growth. Jurnal Tanah Tropika, vol. 14, p. 185-193, 2009.

  • Baligar, V. C., J. A. Bunce, M. K. Elson and N. K. Fageria. Irradiance, external carbon dioxide concentration and temperature influences photosynthesis in tropical cover crop legumes. Journal Tropical Grass Lands, vol. 44, p. 24-32, 2010.

  • Trognitz. B., Scheldeman, X., Hansel-Hohl, K., Kuant, A., Grebe, H., Hermann, M. Genetic population structure of cacao plantings within a young production area in Nicaragua. PLoS One, vol. 6, e16056, 2011.

  • Daymond, A. J., Tricker, P. J., Hadley, P. Genotypic variation in photosynthesis in cacao is correlated with stomatal conductance and leaf nitrogen. Biologia Plantarum, vol. 55, p. 99-104, 2011.

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