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Research Documents: Genomics and Physiology

  • Chin, H.F., Krishnapillay, B., Stanwood, P.C. Seed moisture: recalcitrant vs. orthodox seeds. Seed moisture : proceedings of a symposium / sponsored by Divisions C-4 and C-2 of the Crop Science Society of America in Atlanta, Georgia, 30 Nov. 1987; editors, Phillip C. Stanwood and Miller B. McDonald. Madison, Wis., USA : CSSA, 1989., p. 15-22

  • Bastide, P. ; Paulin, D. ; Lachenaud, P. Influence de la mortalité des cacaoyers sur la stabilité de la production dans une plantation industrielle. Tropicultura, vol. 26, p. 33-38, 2008

  • Vieira, F.C.B., He, Z.L., Bayer, C., Stoffella, P.J., Baligar, V.C. Organic amendment effects on the transformation and fractionation of aluminum in acidic sandy soil. Comm. Soil Science Plant Analysis, vol. 39, p. 2678-2694, 2008

  • Vieira , F.C.B., He, Z.L., Wilson, P.C., Bayer, C., Stoffella, P.J., Baligar, V.C. Response of representative cover crops to aluminum toxicity, phosphorus deprivation, and organic amendment. Australian Journal Agricultural Research, vol. 59, p. 52-61, 2008

  • Ribeiro, M.A.Q., Da Silva, J.O., Aitken, W.M., Machado, R.C., Baligar, V.C. Nitrogen use efficiency in cacao genotypes. Journal Plant Nutrition, vol. 31, p.239-249, 2008

  • Puertas, F., Arévalo, E., Zúñiga, L., Alegre, J., Loli, O., Soplin, H., Baligar, V.C. Establishment of cover crops and their growth nutrient uptake in a humid tropical soil of the Peruvian Amazon. Applied Ecology, vol. 7, p. 23-28, 2008 (Spanish)

  • Moço, M.K.S., Gama-Rodrigues, E.F., Gama-Rodrigues, A.C., Machado, R. C. R., Baligar, V.C. Characterization of soil litter fauna in different cocoa agroecosystems. 15th ICR Conference, San Jose Costa Rica October 9-14, 2006. 15th International Cocoa Research Conference, I: 365-370, 2007

  • Fageria, N.K., Baligar, V.C. Ameliorating soil acidity of tropical Oxisols by liming for sustainable crop production. Advances in Agronomy, vol. 99, p.345-399, 2008

  • Fageria, N.K., Baligar, V.C. Zobel, R.W. Yield nutrient uptake and soil chemical properties as influenced by liming and boron application in common bean in no tillage system. Communications Soil Science Plant Analysis, vol. 38, p.1-17, 2007

  • Baligar, V. C., Fageria, N. K., Paiva, A., Silveria, A., Souza, J. O. Jr., Lucena, E., Faria, J. C., Cabral, R., Pomella, A. W., Jorda, J. Jr. Light intensity effects on growth and nutrient use efficiency of tropical legume cover crops. Advances in Agroforestry, vol. 4, p. 67-79, 2008

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