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  • July Martínez, W. 2007. Caracterización morfológica y molecular del cacao nacional boliviano y de selecciones élites del Alto Beni, Bolivia. [Morphologic and molecular characterization of the national bolivian and elite cacao selections in Alto Beni, Bolivia]. Spanish with English summary. Tesis Mag. Sc. Turrialba, Costa Rica, CATIE. 88 p.

  • Johnson, E.S., Mora, A., Schnell Ii, R.J. 2007. Field guide efficacy in the identification of reallocated clonally propagated accessions of cacao (Theobroma cacao l.). [Eficacia de guías de campo en la identificación deaccesiones clonales de cacao (Theobroma cacao L)]. Inglés. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. 54: 301-1313.

  • Arciniegas, A.; Phillips-Mora, W. 2007. Caraterización de genotipos superiores de cacao seleccionados por el programa de mejoramiento genético del CATIE por su rendimiento y Resistencia a Moniliasis.[Comprehensive characterization of superior cacao genotypes selected by CATIE´s breeding program based on yield and / or moniliasis resistance.] In 15 International Cocoa Research Conference, Proceedings. Nigeria/COPAL Vol. I. p. 111-123

  • Kuhn, D.N.; Motamayor, J.C.; Meerow A.W. Borrone, J.W.; Schnell, R.J. SSCP markers provide a useful alternative to microsatellites in genotyping and estimating genetic diversity in populations and germplasm collections of plant specialty crops.

  • Argout, X.; Fouet, O.; Wincker, P.; Gramacho, K.; Legavre, Tl; Sabau, X.; Risterucci, A.M.; Da Silva, C.; Cascardo, J.; Allegre, M.; Kuhn, d.; Verica, J.; Courtois, B.; Loor, G.; Babin, R.; Sounigo, O.; Ducamp, M.; Guiltinan, M.J.; Ruiz, M.; Alemanno, L.; Machado, R.; Phillips, W.; Schnell, R.; Gilmour, M.; Rosenquist, E.; Butler, D.; Maximova, S.; Lanaud, C. Towards the understanding of the cocoa transcriptome: Production and analysis of an exhaustive dataset of ESTs of Theobroma cacao L. generate from various tissues and under various conditions. BMC Genomics, vol. 9, p. 512-531, 2008

  • Marcano, M.; Morales, S.; Hoyer, M.T.; Courtois, B.; Risterucci, A.M.; Fouet, O.; Pugh, T.; Cros, E.; Gonzalez, V.; Dagert, M.; Lanaud, C. A genomewide admixture mapping study for yield factors and morphological traits in a cultivated cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) population. Tree Genetics & Genomes, vol. 5, p. 329-337, 2009

  • Johnson, E.S.; Bekele, F.L.; Brown, S.J.; Song, Q.; Zhang D.; Meinhardt, L.W.; Schnell, R.J. Population Structure and Genetic Diversity of the Trinitario Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) from Trinidad and Tobago. Crop Science, Vol. 49, p. 564-572, 2009

  • Goenaga, R.; Irizarry, H.; Irish, B. TARS series of cacao germplasm selections. HortScience, vol. 44, p. 826-827, 2009

  • Loor, R.G.; Risterucci, A.M.; Courtois, B.; Fouet, O.; Jeanneau, M.; Rosenquist, E. Amores, F.; Vasco, A.; Medina, M.; Lanaud, C. Tracing the native ancestors of the modern Theobroma cacao L. population in Ecuador. Tree Genetics & Genomes, vol. 5. p. 421-433, 2009

  • Efombagn, M.I.B.; Sounigo, O.; Eskes, A.B.; Motamayor, J.C.; Manzanares-Dauleux, M. J.; Schnell, R.; Nyasse, S. Parentage analysis and outcrossing patterns in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) farms in Cameroon. Heredity, vol. 103, p. 46-53, 2009

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