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Research Documents: Environment & Sustainabilily

  • Isaac, M.E.; Erickson, B.H.; Quashie-Sam, S.J.; Timmer, V.R. Transfer of knowledge on Agroforestry management practices: the structure of farmer advice networks. Ecology and Society, vol. 12(2): 32, 2007.

  • Garcia-R, J.L.; Montilla, R. Abundance and diversity of Scelionidae (Hymenoptera:Platygastroidea), in cacao plantations in Aragua state, Venezuela. Abstract in English, in Spanish Abundancia y diversidad de scelionidae (Hymenoptera: Platygastroidea) en plantaciones de cacao del Estado Aragus, Venezuela. Entomotropica, vol. 20, p. 239-248, 2005.

  • Leakey, R.; Fuller, S.; Treloar, T.; Stevenson, L.; Hunter, D.; Nevenimo, T.; Binifa, J.; Moxon, J. Characterization of tree-to-tree variation in morphological, nutritional and medicinal properties of Canarium indicum nuts. Agroforestry Systems, vol. 73, p. 77-87, 2008.

  • Bisseleua, D.H.B.; Vidal, S. Plant biodiversity and vegetation structure in traditional cocoa forest gardens in southern Cameroon under different management. Biodiversity Conservation, vol. 17, p. 1821-1835, 2008.

  • DaMatta, F. M. Special Issue: Ecophysiology of tropical tree crops. Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology, vol.19, p.239-510, 2008.

  • Sodhi, N.S.; Posa, M.R.C.; Lee, T. M.; Warkentin, I.G. Effects of disturbance or loss of tropical rainforest on birds. Auk, vol. 125, p.511-519, 2008.

  • Siwe, R. N.; Koch, B. Change vector analysis to categorise land cover change processes using the tasselled cap as biophysical indicator : Description: Implementing Landsat TM and ETM to detect land cover and land use changes in the mount Cameroon region using the CVA technique with the tasselled cap as biophysical indicator. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, vol. 145. p. 227-235, 2008.

  • Asare, R.; Asare, R.A. A participatory approach for tree diversification in cocoa farms: Ghanaian farmer’s experience. The Sustainable Tree Crops Program, Working Paper Series, Issue 9, 2008, 28 pages.

  • Ngo Nkot, L.; Krasova-Wade, T.; Etoa, F.X.; Sylla, S.N.; Nwaga, D. Genetic diversity of rhizobia nodulating Arachis hypogaea L. in diverse land use systems of humid forest zone in Cameroon. Applied Soil Ecology, Vol. 40, p. 411-416, 2008.

  • Winowiecki, Leigh. Soil Biogeochemical Patterns in the Talamanca Foothills, Costa Rica: Local Soil Knowledge and Implications for Agroecosystems. [Patrones biogeoquímicos en el pie de monte de Talamanca: conocimiento local de suelos e implicaciones para los agroecosistemas]. English with Spanish summary. Thesis (PhD), Univ. of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, USA, 172 p., 2008.

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