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Research Documents: Environment & Sustainabilily

  • Schroth, G.; Harvey, C.A. Biodiversity conservation in cocoa production landscapes: an overview. Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. 16, p. 2237-2244, 2007.

  • Oke, D.O.; Odebiyi, K.A. Traditional cocoa-based agroforestry and forest species conservation in Ondo State, Nigeria. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, vol. 122, p. 305-311, 2007.

  • Sambuichi, R.H.R. Esturtura e dinamica do componente arboreo em area de cabruca no reiao cacaueira do sul da Bahia, Brasil.[In Portuguese]. Acta Bot. Bras., vol. 20, p. 943-954, 2006.

  • Obiri, B. D.; Bright, G. A.; McDonald, M.A.; Anglaaere, L.C.N.; Cobbina, J. Financial analysis of shaded cocoa in Ghana. Agroforestry Systems, vol. 71, p. 139-149, 2007.

  • Sambuichi, R. H. R.; Haridasan, Mundayatan Recovery of species richness and conservation of native Atlantic forest trees in the cacao plantations of southern Bahia in Brazil. Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. 16, p. 3681-3701, 2007.

  • Ruf, F.; Schroth, G. Chocolate Forests and Monocultures: a historical review of cocoa growing and its conflicting role in tropical deforestation and forest conservation. Chapter 6, p. 107-132.

  • Lamanda, N.; Dauzat, J.; Jourdan, C. ; Martin, P.; Malezieux, E. Using 3D architectural models to assess light availability and root bulkiness in coconut agroforestry system. Agroforestry Systems, vol. 72, p. 63-74, 2008.

  • Van Bael, S.A.; Bichier, P.; Greenberg, R. Bird predation on insects reduces damage to the foliage of cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao) in western Panama. Journal of Tropical Ecology, vol. 23, p. 715-719, 2007.

  • Urdaneta-G, L.M.; Delgado-A., A.E. Cocoa plant (Theobroma cacao L.) Phylloplane mycobiota identification, at the Carraciolo Parra Olmedo municipality, Merida state, Venezuela. Spanish original “Identificacion de la micobiota del filoplano del cacaotero (Theobroma cacao L.), en el municipio Carraciolo Parra Olmedo , estado Merida, Venezuela,” with English Abstract. Rev. Fac. Agron. (LUZ), vol. 24, p. 47-68, 2007.

  • Salgado-Mora, M.G.; Ibarra-Nunez, G.; Macias-Samano, J.E.; Lopez-Baez, O. Tree diversity in cacao plantations in the Soconusco area, Chiapas, Mexico. . Diversidad arborea en cacaotales del Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico. Interciencia, vol.32, p. 763-768, 2007.

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