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Research Documents: Environment & Sustainabilily

  • Harvey, C.A.; Gonzalez Villalobos, J.A. Agroforestry systems conserve species-rich but modified assemblages of tropical birds and bats. Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. 16, p. 2257-2292, 2007.

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  • Schroth, G.; Harvey, C.A. Biodiversity conservation in cocoa production landscapes: an overview. Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. 16, p. 2237-2244, 2007.

  • Oke, D.O.; Odebiyi, K.A. Traditional cocoa-based agroforestry and forest species conservation in Ondo State, Nigeria. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, vol. 122, p. 305-311, 2007.

  • Sambuichi, R.H.R. Esturtura e dinamica do componente arboreo em area de cabruca no reiao cacaueira do sul da Bahia, Brasil.[In Portuguese]. Acta Bot. Bras., vol. 20, p. 943-954, 2006.

  • Obiri, B. D.; Bright, G. A.; McDonald, M.A.; Anglaaere, L.C.N.; Cobbina, J. Financial analysis of shaded cocoa in Ghana. Agroforestry Systems, vol. 71, p. 139-149, 2007.

  • Sambuichi, R. H. R.; Haridasan, Mundayatan Recovery of species richness and conservation of native Atlantic forest trees in the cacao plantations of southern Bahia in Brazil. Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. 16, p. 3681-3701, 2007.

  • Ruf, F.; Schroth, G. Chocolate Forests and Monocultures: a historical review of cocoa growing and its conflicting role in tropical deforestation and forest conservation. Chapter 6, p. 107-132.

  • Lamanda, N.; Dauzat, J.; Jourdan, C. ; Martin, P.; Malezieux, E. Using 3D architectural models to assess light availability and root bulkiness in coconut agroforestry system. Agroforestry Systems, vol. 72, p. 63-74, 2008.

  • Van Bael, S.A.; Bichier, P.; Greenberg, R. Bird predation on insects reduces damage to the foliage of cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao) in western Panama. Journal of Tropical Ecology, vol. 23, p. 715-719, 2007.

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