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  • Vargas, A.; Somarriba, E.; Carballo, M. 2005. Dinámica poblacional del chinche (Monalonion dissimulatum Dist.) y daño de mazorcas en plantaciones orgánicas de cacao del Alto Beni, Bolivia. [Population dynamics of the thrip (Monalonion dissimulatum Dist.) and pod damage in organic cacao plantations in Alto Beni, Bolivia]. Spanish, English summary. Agroforestería en las Américas (CATIE). Vol. 43-44 p. 72-76.

  • Phillips-Mora, W; Krauss U; Evans, H and Wilkinson, M. 2005. Genetic diversity of the cacao pathogen Moniliophthora roreri (Cif.) Evans et al. in Tropical America. [Diversidad genética del patógeno del cacao Moniliophthora roreri (Cif.) Evans et al. en América Tropical.] In 14 International Cocoa Research Conference Proccedings Nigeria, COPAL Vol. II. p. 613-18.

  • Phillips-Mora, W; Evans, H; Krauss, U and Wilkinson, M. 2005. Genetic relationship between the fungus Moniliophthora roreri (Cif.) Evans et al. and Basidiomycetes determined through molecular techniques. [Relación genética entre el hongo Moniliophthora (Cif.) Evans et al. y basidiomicetos determinada mediante técnicas moleculares.] In 14 International Cocoa Research Conference. Proccedings, Nigeria, COPAL Vol. II: 619-625.

  • Rojas, E.I.; Herre, E.A.; Mejia, L.C.; Arnold, A.E.; Chaverri, P.; Samuels, G.J. Endomelanconiopsis, a new anamorph genus in the Botryosphaeriaceae. Mycologia, vol. 100, p. 760-775, 2008

  • Pungartnik, C.; da Silva, A.C.; de Melo, S.A.; Gramacho, K.P.; de Mattos, Cascardo, J.C.; Brendel, M.; Micheli, F.; da Silva Gesteira, A. High-Affinity Copper Transport and Snq2 Export Permease of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Modulate Cytotoxicity of PR-10 from Theobroma cacao. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, vol. 22, p. 39 -51, 2009

  • Mondego,J.M.C.; Carazzolle,M.F.; Costa, G.G.L.; Formighieri, E.F.; Parizzi1, L.P.; Rincones, J.; Cotomacci, C.; Carraro, D.M.; Cunha, A.F.; Carrer, H.; Vidal, R.O.; Estrela, R.C.; Garcia, O.; Thomazella, D.P.T.; de Oliveira, B.V.; Pires, A.B.L.; Rio, M.C.S.; Araujo, M.R.R.; de Moraes, M.H.; Castro, L.A.B.; Gramacho, K.P.; Gonçalves, M.S.; Moura Neto, J.P.; Goes Neto, A.; Barbosa, L.V.; Guiltinan, M.J.; Bailey, B.A.; Meinhardt, L.W.; Cascardo, J.C.M.; Pereira, G.A.G. A genome survey of Moniliophthora perniciosa gives new insights into Witches’ Broom Disease of cacao. BMC Genomics, vol. 9, 548-573, 2008

  • Jonfia-Essien, W.A.; Navarro, S.; Dator, J.V. Effectiveness of hermetic storage in insect control and quality preservation of cocoa beans in Ghana. Document #PU2012No308, Presented at the 8th Inter. Conf. on Controlled Atmosphere and Fumigation in Stored Products, September, 2008, Chengdu, China. 10 p., 2008

  • Hallenberg, N.; Ryberg, M.; Nilsson, R. H.; Wood, A. R.; Wu, S.H. Pseudolagarobasidium (Basidiomycota): on the reinstatement of a genus of parasitic, saprophytic, and endophytic resupinate fungi. Botany, vol. 86, p.1319-1325, 2008

  • Pungartnik, C.; Melo, S.C.O.; Basso, T. S.; Macena, W.G.; Cascardo, J.C.M.; Brendel, M. Reactive oxygen species and autophagy play a role in survival and differentiation of the phytopathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa. Fungal Genetics and Biology, vol. 46, p.461-472, 2009

  • Lima, J.O.; Pereira, J.F.; Rincones, J.; Barau, J.G. Araujo, E.F.; Pereira, G.A.G.; Queiroz, M.V. The glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene of Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causal agent of witches’ broom disease of Theobroma cacao. Genetics and Molecular Biology, vol. 32, p. 362-366, 2009

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