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Research Documents: Diseases and Pests

  • Lima, J.O.; dos Santos, J.K.; Pereira, J.F.; de Resende, M.L.V.; Araujo, E.F.; de Queiroz, M.V. Development of a transformation system for Crinipellis perniciosa, the causal agent of witches’ broom in cocoa plants. Current Genetics, vol. 42, p. 236-240, 2003.

  • Andebrhan, T.; Figueira, A.; Yamada, M.M.; Cascardo, J.; Furtek, D.B. Molecular fingerprinting suggests two primary outbreaks of witches’ broom disease (Crinipellis perniciosa) of Theobroma cacao in Bahia, Brazil. European J. Plant Pathology, vol. 105, p. 167-177, 1999.

  • Dongo, L.N.; Orisajo, S. B. Status of cocoa swollen shoot virus disease in Nigeria. African Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 6, p. 2054-2061, 2007.

  • Schnell, R.J.; Kuhn, D.N.; Brown, J.S.; Olano, C.T.; Phillips-Mora, W.; Amores, F.M.; Motamayor J.C. 2007. Development of a Marker Assisted Selection Program for Cacao. Phytopathology, vol. 97, p. 1664-1669.

  • Hebbar, P. K. Cacao diseases: A global perspective from an industry point of view. Phytopathology, vol. 97, p. 1658-1663.

  • Guest, D.; Keane, P. Vascular-streak dieback: A new encounter disease of cacao in Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia caused by the obligate Basidiomycete Oncobasidium theobromae. Phytopathology, vol. 97, p. 1654-1657.

  • Guest, D. Black pod: Diverse pathogens with a global impact on cocoa yield. Phytopathology, vol. 97, p. 1650-1653.

  • Engelbrecht, C.J.; Harrington, T.C.; Alfenas, A. Ceratocystis wilt of cacao – A disease of increasing importance. Phytopathology, vol. 97, p. 1648-1649.

  • Phillips-Mora, W.; Wilkinson, M.J. 2006. Frosty pod, a disease of limited geographic distribution but unlimited potential for damage. Phytopathology, vol. 97, p. 1644-1647.

  • Evans, H. C. Cacao Diseases – The trilogy revisited. Phytopathology, vol. 97, p. 1640-1643.

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