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Research Documents: Diseases and Pests

  • Posada, FJ., Virdiana, I., Navies, M., Pava-Ripoll, M., Hebbar, P. Sexual dimorphism of pupae and adults of the cocoa pod borer, Conopomorpha cramerella. Journal of Insect Science: Vol. 11 | Article 52.

  • Hanada, R.E., Pomella, A.W.V., Costa, H.S., Bezerra, J.L., Loguercio, L.L., Pereira, J.O. Endophytic fungal diversity in Theobroma cacao (cacao) and T. grandiflorum (cupuaçu) trees and their potential for growth promotion and biocontrol of black-pod disease. Fungal Biology, 2010, vol. 114 (11-12), pp. 901-910.

  • Gazis, R., Rehner, S., Chaverri, P. Species delimitation in fungal endophyte diversity studies and its implications in ecological and biogeographic inferences. Molecular Ecology, 2011, vol. 20 (14), pp. 3001-3013.

  • Quainoo, A.K. Age of callus tissues and cotyledonary materials on the selection of cocoa swollen shoot virus-free somatic embryos. Research in Biotechnology, vol. 2, p. 75-81, 2011.

  • Krauss, U., Hidalgo, E., Bateman, R., Adonijah, V., Arroyo, C., García, J., Crozier, J., Brown, N.A., ten Hoopen, G.M., Holmes, K.A. Improving the formulation and timing of application of endophytic biocontrol and chemical agents against frosty pod rot (Moniliophthora roreri) in cocoa (Theobroma cacao). Biological Control, vol. 54, p. 230-240, 2010.

  • Bailey, B.A., Bae, H., Strem, M.D., Crozier, J., Thomas, S.E., Samuels, G.J., vineyard, B.T., Holmes, K.A. Antibiosis, mycoparasitism, and colonization success for endophytic Trichoderma isolates with biological control potential in Theobroma cacao. Biological Control, vol. 46, p. 24-35, 2008.

  • Bae, H, Roberts, D.P., Lim, H-S., Strem, M.D., Park, S-C., Ryu, C-M., Melnick, R.L., Bailey, B.A. Endophytic Trichoderma isolates from tropical environments delay disease onset and induce resistance against Phytophthora capsici in hot pepper using multiple mechanisms. MPMI, vol. 24, p. 336-351, 2011.

  • Simo, C., Djocgoue, P.F., Mbouobda, H.D., EFFA, P.O., Boudjeko, T., Omokolo, D.N. Variation and Heritability of Polyphenoloxidasic Activities in Two Hybrid Families of Theobroma cacao L. after Cocoa Pods Inoculation with Phytophthora megakarya Bras. et Grif. Plant Pathology Journal, vol. 10, p. 89-98, 2011.

  • Cuervo-Parra, J.A., Sanchez-Lopez, V., Ramirez-Suero, M., Ramirez-Lepe, M. Morphological and molecular characterization of Moniliophthora roreri causal agent of Frosty Pod Rot of cocoa tree in Tabasco, Mexico. Plant Pathology Journal, vol. 10, p. 122-127, 2011.

  • Efombagn, M.I.B., Bieysse, D., Nyassé, S., Eskes, A.B. Selection for resistance to Phytophthora pod rot of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) in Cameroon: Repeatability and reliability of screening tests and field observations. Crop Protection, vol. 30, 105e110, 2011.

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