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Research Documents: Diseases and Pests

  • Chang, A.L.S. The use of wald’s sequential probability ratio test (SPRT) in cocoa pod borer management. Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering), vol. 63 (2), p. 5-10, 2013.

  • Barsottini, M.R., de Oliveira, J.F., Adamoski, D., Teixeira, P.J., do Prado, P.F., Tiezzi, H.D., Sforça, M.L., Cassago, A., Portugal, R.V., de Oliveira, P.S., Zeri, A.C., Dias, S.M., Geriera, G.A., Ambrosio, A.L. Functional diversification of cerato-platanins in Moniliophthora perniciosa as seen by differential expression and protein function specialization. Mol. Plant Microbe Interact. July 31, 2013

  • Ten Hoopen, G.M., Deberdt, P., Mbenoum M., Cilas, C. Modelling cacao pod growth: implications for disease control. Annals Applied Biology, vol. 160 (3), p. 260-272, 2012.

  • Portillo, E., Portillo, A. Cocoa production in the state of Zulia: Socioeconomic impact on cocoa farmers on the “chocolate route” [La producción de cacao en el estado Zulia: Impacto socioeconómico en los cacaocultores “ruta del chocolate”]. Opcion, vol. 28 (68), p. 303-323, 2012.

  • Pohe, J., Pohe, S.S., Okou, S.F. Association of copper oxide and metalaxyl in the fight against cocoa pod rot in Cote d’Ivoire.Journal Animal Plant Sciences, vol. 16 (3), p. 2362-2368, 2013.

  • Pereira, L.D.; Resende, M.L.; Mathioni, S.M.; Campos, M.A.; Ribeiro, J.P.; Camilo, F.R.; Silva, A.T.; Paiva, L.V. Protective effect and expression of defense-related ESTs induced by acibenzolar-S-methyl and a phosphorylated mannan oligosaccharide-based product against Moniliophthora perniciosa in Theobroma cacao. African J. Biotechnol., vol. 12 (12), p. 1311-1317, 2013.

  • Nyadanu, D.; Akromah, R.; Adomako, B.; Awuah, R.T.; Kwoseh, C.; Dzahini-Obiatey, H.; Lowor, S.T.; Akrofi, A.Y.; Assuah, M.K. Effects of Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus infection on foliar resistance to P. palmivora and P. megakarya and its implications in selection and breeding against black pod disease. Inter. Journal Plant Pathology, vol. 3 (2), p. 45-55, 2012.

  • Ebewore, S.O., Egho, E.O., Enujeke, E.C. Effect of Farmer Field School Training on the Management of Cocoa Marids (Saghbergella singularis) by Famers in Edo State Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, vol. 5 (1), p. 6-10, 2013.

  • Da Hora Junior, B.T.; Lopes, M.A.; Dias, C.V.; Cascardo, J.C.D.M.; Gesteira, A.D.S.; Micheli, F.; Poloni, J.D.F.; Bonatto, D.; Gramacho, K.P.; Schuster, I.; Sabau, X.; Mauro, S.M.Z.D. Transcriptomics and systems biology analysis in identification of specific pathways involved in cacao resistance and susceptibility to witches’ broom disease. Molecular Biosystems, vol. 8 (5), p. 1507-1519, 2012.

  • Ameyaw, G.A.; Dzahini-Obiatey, H.; Domfeh, O.; Wetten, A.; Allainguillaume, J. Investigation on Cacao swollen shoot virus (CSSV) pollen transmission through cross-pollination. Plant Pathology, Doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3059.2012.02640.x, 2012.

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