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Research Documents: Diseases and Pests

  • Akaza, M.J.; N’Goran, J.A.K.; N’Guetta, S.P.A.; Kébé, B.I.; Tahi, G.M.; Sangaré, A. Resistance to Phytophthora palmivora (Butler) butler assessed on leaf discs of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) hybrid trees. Asian Journal of Plant Pathology, 3 (4), pp. 106-118, 2009

  • Sanogo, S., Pomella, A., Hebbar, P.K., Bailey, B., Costa, J.C.B., Samuels, G.J., Lumsden, R.D. Production and germination of conidia of Trichoderma stromaticum, a mycoparasite of Crinipellis perniciosa on cacao. Phytopathology, vol. 92, p. 1032-1037, 2002

  • Bae, H., Bowers, J.H., Tooley, P.W., Bailey, B.A. NEP1 orthologs encoding necrosis and ethylene inducing proteins exist as a multigene family in Phytophthora megakarya, causal agent of black pod disease on cacao. Mycological Research, vol.109, p. 1373-1385, 2005

  • Aneja, M., Gianfagna, T.J., Hebbar, P.K. Trichoderma harzianum produces nonanoic acid, an inhibitor of spore germination and mycelial growth of two cacao pathogens. Physiological Molecular Plant Pathology, vol. 67, p. 304-307, 2005

  • Reinking, O.A. Comparative Study of Phytophthora faberi on Coconut and Cacao in the Philippine Islands. Journal Agricultural Research, vol. 25, p. 267-284, 1923

  • Araujo, Q.R., Al-Agely, A., Ogram, A.V., Comerford, N.B., Veluci, R.M., Gross, E. Baligar, V.C. Mycorrhizae associated with Brazilian Coastal tableland soils. Agrotropica, vol. 20, p. 45-52, 2008

  • Samuels, G.J.; Ismaiel, A. Trichoderma evansii and T. lieckfeldtiae: two new T. hamatum-like species. Mycologia, vol. 101, p. 142-156, 2009

  • Loguercio, L.L.; Santos, L.S.; Niella, G.R.; Miranda, R.A.C.; Souza, J.T. de; Collins, R.T.; Pomella, A.W.V. Canopy-microclimate effects on the antagonism between Trichoderma stromaticum and Moniliophthora perniciosa in shaded cacao. Plant Pathology, vol. 58, p. 1104-1115, 2009

  • Donahoo, R.S., Lamour, K.H. Interspecific hybridization and apomixis between Phytophthora capsici and Phytophthora tropicalis. Mycologia, vol. 100, p. 911-920, 2008

  • Francis, A.W., Kairo, M.T.K., Roda, A.L., Liburd, O.E., Polar, P. The passionvine mealybug, Planococcus minor (Maskell) (Hemiptera:Pseudococcidae), and its natural enemies in the cocoa agroecosystem in Trinidad. Biological Control, vol. 60, p. 290-296.

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