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Research Documents: Diseases and Pests

  • Rincones, J.; Scarpari, L. M.; Carazzolle, M. F.; Mondego, J. M. C; Formighieri, E. F.; Barau, J. G.;Costa, G. G. L.; Carraro, D. M.; Brentani, H. P.; Vilas-Boas, L. A.; Oliveira, B. V. de; Sabha, M.; Dias, R.; Cascardo, J. M.; Azevedo, R. A.; Meinhardt, L. W.; Pereira, G. A. G. Differential Gene Expression between the biotrophic-like and saprotrophic mycelia of the witches’ broom pathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, vol. 21, p.891-908, 2008.

  • Meinhardt, L.W.; Rincones, J.; Bailey, B.A.; Aime, M. C.; Griffith, G.W.; Zhang, D.; Pereira, G.A.G. Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causal agent of witches’ broom disease of cacao: what’s new from this old foe. Molecular Plant Pathology, vol. 9, p. 577-588, 2008.

  • Macagnan, D.; Romeiro, R. da S.; Baracat-Pereira, M. C.; Lanna Filho, R.; Batista, G. S.; Pomella, A. W. V. Activity of enzymes associates of induced resistance on cocoa seedlings exposed of two actinomycetes phylloplane residents. Atividade de enzimas associadas ao estado de inducao em mudas de cacaueiro expostas a dois actinomicetos residentes de filoplano. Summa Phytopathologica, vol. 34, p.34-37, 2008.

  • DoRio, M.C.S.; deOliveira, B.V.; deTomazella, S.P.T.; Fracassi da Silva, J.A.; Pereira, G.A.G. Production of calcium oxalate crystals by the basidiomycete Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causal agent of witches’ broom. Curr. Microbiol., vol. 56, p. 363-370, 2008.

  • Amezqueta, S.; Gonzalez-Penas, E.; Dachoupakan, C.; Murillo-Arbizu, M.; Lopez de Cerain, A.; Guiraud, J.P. OTA-producing fungi isolated from stored cocoa beans. Letters in Applied Microbiology, vol.47, p. 197-201, 2008.

  • Silva, I. L. do S. S. da; Resende, M. L. V. de; Ribeiro Junior, P. M.; Costa, J. de C. do B.; Camilo, F. R.; Baptista, J. C.; Salgado, S. M. de L. Effect of nutrients combined with inducers of resistance on the protection of cocoa seedlings against witches’ broom. Efeito de nutrientes combinados com indutores de resistencia na protecao contra a vassoura-de-bruxa no cacaueiro. Ciencia e Agrotecnologia, vol. 32, p. 61-67, 2008.

  • Rossman, A.Y.; Palm-Hernandez, M.E. Systematics of Plant Pathogenic fungi: Why it matters. [pertains to Phytophthora and Moniliophthora]. Plant Disease, vol. 92, p.1376-1386, 2008.

  • Kilani, A. M.; Oyelade, O.; Adeleke, O. E. Antimicrobial activity of a decoction used by Southwestern Nigeria traditional healers on selected dermatophytes. African Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 6, p. 2529-2531, 2008.

  • Sanches, C. L. G.; Pinto, L. R. M.; Pomella, A. W. V. ; Silva, S. D. V. M.; Loguercio, L. L. Assessment of resistance to Ceratocystis cacaofunesta in cacao genotypes. European Journal of Plant Pathology, vol. 122, p. 517-528, 2008.

  • Hanada, R.E.; de Souza, J.; Pomella, A.W.V.; Hebbar, K.P.; Pereira, J.O.; Ismaiel, A.; Samuels, G.J. Trichoderma martiale sp. Nov., a new endophyte from sapwood of Theobroma cacao with a potential for biological control. Mycological Research, vol. 112, p. 1335-1343, 2008.

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