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Research Documents: Diseases and Pests

  • Salehan, N.M., Meon, S., Ismail, I.S. Antifungal activity of cosmos caudatus extracts against seven economically important plant pathogens. International J. Agric. Biol., vol. 15 (5), p. 864-870, 2013.

  • Silva, E.N., Perfecto, I. Coexistence of aphid predators in cacao plants: Does ant-aphid mutualism play a role? Sociobiology, vol. 60 ( 3 ), p. 259-265, 2013.

  • Melnick, R.L. Strem, M.D., Crozier, J., Sicher, R.C., Bailey, B.A. Molecular and metabolic changes of cherelle wilt of cacao and its effect on Moniliophthora roreri. Physiol. Molec. Plant Pathol., vol. 84 (1), p. 153-162, 2013.

  • Lima, E.M., Pereira, N.E., Pires, J.L., Barbosa, A.M.M., Corrêa, R.X. Genetic molecular diversity, production and resistance to witches’ broom in cacao clones [Diversidade genética molecular, produção e resistência à vassoura-de-bruxa em clones de cacau]. Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology, vol. 13 (2), p. 127-135, 2013.

  • Krauss, U., ten Hoopen, M., Rees, R., Stirrup, T., Argyle, T., George, A., Arroyo, C., Corrales, E. Mycoparasitism by Clonostachys byssicola and Clonostachy rosea on Trichoderma spp. from cocoa (Theobroma cacao) and implication for the design of mixed biocontrol agents. Biological Control, vol. 67 (3), p. 317-327, 2013.

  • Díaz-José, O.; Aguilar-Ávila, J.; Rendón-Medel, R.; Santoyo-Cortés, V.H. Current state of and perspectives on cocoa production in Mexico. Ciencia Investigación Agrarian, vol. 40(2), p. 279-289, 2013.

  • Cruz, J.F.; Leite, P.B.; Soares, S.E.; Bispo, E.D. Assessment of the fermentative process from different cocoa cultivars produced in Southern Bahia, Brazil. African J. Biotechnol., vol. 12, p. 5218-5225, 2013.

  • Andrade, B.S.; Villela-Dias, C.; Gomes, D.S.; Micheli, F.; Góes, N.A. DNA and RNA polymerase activity in a Moniliophthora perniciosa mitochondrial plasmid and self-defense against oxidative stress. Genetics Molecular Res., vol. 12 (2); p. 1944-1950.

  • Idris, A., Rasaki, K., Folake, T. Hakeem, B. Analysis of pesticide use in cocoa production in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, vol. 3 (6), p. 1-9, 2013.

  • Evans, H.C., Bezerra, J.L., Barreto, R.W. Of mushrooms and chocolate trees: aetiology and phylogeny of witches’ broom and frosty pod diseases of cacao. Plant Pathology, vol. 62, p. 728-740, 2013.

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