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Research Documents: Cashcrop

  • Brownson, S., Vincent, I-M., Etim, D. Determinants of Cash Crop Output Volatility in Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 4, p. 174-184, 2012.

  • Nya, E.J., Okorie, N.U., Eka, M.J. An Economic Analysis of Talinum triangulare (Jacq.) Production/Farming in Southern Nigeria. Trends in Agricultural Economics, vol. 3, p. 79-93, 2010.

  • Assis, K., Amran, A., Remali, Y., Affendy, H. A Comparison of Univariate Time Series Methods for Forecasting Cocoa Bean Prices. Trends in Agricultural Economics, vol. 3, p. 207-215, 2010.


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