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Research Documents: Carbon

  • Villalobos, M.; Acuña, K. 2009 Una experiencia de manejo ambiental en cacao en los territorios indígenas Bribrí y Cabécar de Talamanca-Costa Rica: el caso del Proyecto Captura de Carbono. [An experience of environmental management in cocoa in the indigenous territories Bribrí and Cabécar Talamanca-Costa Rica: the case of the carbon capture project] Serie Técnica. Boletín Técnico. CATIE, Turrialba, Costa Rica.No. 40. p. 38.

  • Norgrove, L., Hauser, S. Carbon stocks in shaded Theobroma cacao farms and adjacent secondary forests of similar age in Cameroon. Tropical Ecology, vol. 54 (1), p. 15-22, 2013.

  • Oke, D., Olatiilu, A. Carbon Storage in agroecosystems: A case study of the cocoa based agroforestry in Ogbese Forest Reserve, Ekiti State, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Protection, vol. 02, p. 1069-1075, 2011.

  • Njomgang, R., Yemefack, M., Nounamo, L., Moukam, A., Kotto-Same, J. Dynamics of shifting agricultural systems and organic carbon sequestration in southern Cameroon. Tropicultura, vol. 29, p. 176-182, 2011.


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