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Research Documents: Biochemistry

  • De Souza Junior, J. O.; Carmello, Q. A. de C.; Faria, J. C. Chemical characteristics of leachate from phosphorus-fertilized substrates during rooting of cocoa tree cuttings. In Portuguese. Caracteristicas quimicas do lixiviado na fase de enraizamento de estacas de cacau em substratos adubados com fosforo. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo, vol. 32, p. 1573-1581, 2008.

  • Khan, N.; Motilal, L. A.; Sukha, D. A.; Bekele, F. L.; Iwaro, A. D.; Bidaisee, G. G.; Umaharan, P.; Grierson, L. H.; Zhang, D. Variability of butterfat content in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.): combination and correlation with other seed-derived traits at the International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad. Plant Genetic Resources: Characterization and Utilization, vol. 6, p. 175-186, 2008

  • Aikpokpodion, P.O.; Motamayor, J.C.; Adetimirin, V.O.; Adu-Ampomah, Y.; Ingelbrecht, I.; Eskes, A.B.; Schnell, R.J.; Kolesnikova-Allen, M. Genetic diversity assessment of sub-samples of cacao, Theobroma cacao L. collections in West Africa using simple sequence repeats marker. Tree Genetics & Genomes, vol. 5, p. 699-711, 2009

  • Rodríguez López, C.M., Bravo, H.S., Wetten, A.C., Wilkinson, M.J.Detection of somaclonal variation during cocoa somatic embryogenesis characterised using cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence and the new freeware Artbio. Molecular Breeding, p. 1-16, 2009

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