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Research Documents: Agroforestry

  • Moser, G., Leuschner, C., Hertel, D., Hölscher, Köhler, Leitner, D., Michalzik, B., Prihastani, E., Tjitrosemito, S., Schwendenmann, L. Response of cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao) to a 13-month desiccation period in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Agroforest Systems, vol. 79, p. 171-187, 2010.

  • Jose, S., Bardhan, S. Agroforestry for biomass production and carbon sequestration: An overview. Agroforestry Systems, 86 (2), pp. 105-111, 2012.

  • Bobo, K. S.; Waltert, M.; Sainge, N. M.; Njokagbor, J,; Fermon, H.; Muehlenberg, M. From forest to farmland: Species richness patterns of trees and understorey plants along a gradient of forest conversion in southwestern Cameroon. Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. 15, p.4097-4117.

  • Asare, R. A review on cocoa agroforestry as a means for biodiversity conservation. Forest and Landscape Denmark, March 2006. Presented at the WCF meeting, Brussels, May 2006.

  • Dietz, J.; Hoelscher, D.; Leuschner C.; Hendrayanto. Rainfall partitioning in relation to forest structure in differently managed montane forest stands in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Forest Ecology and Management, vol. 237, p. 170-178, 2006.

  • Kessler, M.; Kessler, P. J. A.; Gradstein, S. R.; Bach, K.; Schmull, M.; Pitopang, R. Tree diversity primary forest and different land use systems in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. 14, P. 547-560, 2005.

  • Isaac,M.E.; Timmer, V. R.; Quashie-Sam, S. J. Shade tree effects in an 8-year-old cocoa agroforestry system: biomass and nutrient diagnosis of Theobroma cacao by vector analysis. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, vol. 78, no. 2, p. 155-165, 2007.

  • Obiri, B. D.; Bright, G. A.; McDonald, M.A.; Anglaaere, L.C.N.; Cobbina, J. Financial analysis of shaded cocoa in Ghana. Agroforestry Systems, vol. 71, p. 139-149, 2007.

  • Ruf, F.; Schroth, G. Chocolate Forests and Monocultures: a historical review of cocoa growing and its conflicting role in tropical deforestation and forest conservation. Chapter 6, p. 107-132.

  • Lamanda, N.; Dauzat, J.; Jourdan, C. ; Martin, P.; Malezieux, E. Using 3D architectural models to assess light availability and root bulkiness in coconut agroforestry system. Agroforestry Systems, vol. 72, p. 63-74, 2008.

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