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Where We Work

The World Cocoa Foundation implements, manages, and participates in economic, social and environmental stewardship programs at the grassroots level for independent family farmers in 15 cocoa-producing countries around the world.



Percentage of Global Cocoa Production: 73%
Top Cocoa-Producing Countries: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria
Spotlight on Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire

Featured Program

WCF African Cocoa Initiative

WCF/ACI will double cocoa productivity for 100,000 farm households through capacity-building of local & national institutions, and in doing so raise per capita income by 150-200%.

Southeast Asia

Percentage of Global Cocoa Production: 14%
Top Cocoa-Producing Countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea

Featured Program

Varied Regional Initiatives

Southeast Asia accounts for approximately 14% of the world’s cocoa supply. Throughout much of the region, pests cause significant crop loss and threaten farmers’ incomes. WCF trains farmers in practices to diversify their crops, increase yields and improve soil fertility.

The Americas

Percentage of Global Cocoa Production: 13%
Top Cocoa-Producing Countries: Brazil, Ecuador

Featured Program

WCF Economic Development for San Martín

The Americas account for 13% of global production, and cocoa grown in the region is highly valued by manufacturers for its fine flavor characteristics. WCF programs in the region strive to reduce cocoa crop loss and cocoa diseases to support the best quality cocoa.


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