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Our Approach

The World Cocoa Foundation promotes a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development and environmental stewardship in cocoa-growing communities.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to a shared future with shared benefits throughout the cocoa supply chain by:

  • Ensuring a sustainable supply of quality cocoa that benefits both growers and users.
  • Empowering farmers to make choices that help develop strong, prosperous cocoa communities.
  • Promoting sustainable production practices that maintain and increase biodiversity and crop diversification.

Our Strategy

We combine local and global operations to achieve our goals by:

  • Building partnerships with cocoa farmers, origin governments and environmental organizations.
  • Working with international donors to support effective programs.
  • Supporting and applying demand-led research that improves crop yield and quality.
  • Supporting training and education that improves the well-being of cocoa-farming families.

While not a certifying body, we recognize that our sustainability principles and goals have much in common with those of transaction-oriented product certification systems.

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