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Measuring Success

Measuring What Matters

Under the CocoaAction Strategy, WCF is leading a industry commitment to measure progress towards sustainability in the cocoa value chain.


Monitoring and EvaluationSince 2012, WCF has led the development of a shared Key Performance Indicators (KPI) framework to help inform and promote sustainability at the farm level.  This effort included a greatly successful Research and Development initiative known as “CocoaMAP – Cocoa Measurement and Progress”.

Many partners worked diligently in CocoaMAP working groups - including experts from our member companies, source country governments, and civil society partners- and these efforts  led to greater understanding of indicators of cocoa sustainability.  CocoaMAP gave WCF the knowledge to assist our member companies in developing a new commitment to measuring and understanding cocoa sustainability.  This learning is now becoming integrated into the CocoaAction Strategy.

Currently in development to support our cocoa sustainability KPIs are methods and tools for collecting better farm sustainability data.  The commitment of CocoaAction to improve both practice and knowledge of sustainable cocoa farming industry-wide will help WCF to develop and share information across the globe. 

As cocoa and chocolate companies join in this effort, WCF will begin reporting out the results of these efforts beginning in late 2015. 

We believe that this long-term effort at improving industry knowledge and sustainability will, in time, yield important results:

  • For the cocoa and chocolate industry: shared knowledge to continue developing a more sustainable cocoa value chain;
  • For WCF member companies: greater understanding of their investments in sourcing sustainable cocoa;
  • For farmers: greater productivity, thriving communities, and sustainable livelihoods from cocoa.

CocoaAction KPIs will align and consolidate data from WCF member companies and other partners in the chocolate and cocoa industry to measure local and global indicators of people, planet, profit, and investments in sustainability.

To support CocoaAction, WCF is developing open-source resources and tools essential to improving  information on sustainability performance across the cocoa value chain:

  •  CocoaAction Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  •  The WCF Farm Information Toolkit (FIT)
  •  CocoaMAP Online KPI Dashboard, coming to WCF member companies in 2015.


WCF wishes to sincerely thank all its partners in these efforts:


Barry Callebaut

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bit.Bamboo Software LLC

Blommer Chocolate Company


Clif Bar

Compania Nacional de Chocolates

Continaf B.V.


Cote d’Ivoire Le Consiel du Café-Cacao

Dennis Macray LLC

Ecom Agrotrade Ltd

Fair Trade



The German Development Corporation (GIZ)

Ghana Cocoa Board

Green River Data Analysis

Guittard Chocolate Company

The Hershey Company

The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)

International Finance Corporation

IFC Biodiversity and Agricultural Commodities Program

ISEAL Alliance

The Manufacturing Confectioner

Mars, Incorporated

Mondelez International



Petra Foods Limited

Rainforest Alliance

Starbucks Coffee Company

Sustainable Food Lab


Tableau Software



Utz Certified

World Bank

World Wildlife Fund

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