STRATHAM — The record for most people unwrapping candy simultaneously belongs to Lindt USA in Stratham.

A recording setting 590 Lindt employees unwrapped and ate LINDOR truffles on Thursday afternoon, while lined up in a formation that spelled out R.S.V.P.

An adjudicator from the Guinness World Records confirmed the new record.

The event was a fun way to kick off the 2012 Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. National Conference 2012 for Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. consultants. The R.S.V.P. program was launched last year and provides chocolate connoisseurs with the opportunity to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit by becoming independent consultants and hosting chocolate tasting parties, explained Lindt CEO & President, Thomas Linemayr.

Linemayr said the company decided to hold the “World’s Largest Chocolate Party” to get things started and thought setting a new world-record fit in nicely.

“We thought it was a great way to make our chocolate party even bigger,” he said. “When you sell chocolate you sell happiness and what better way to be happy then to throw a chocolate party.”

Linemayr said it was also important to show appreciation for all of the company’s employees, which produce 1.5 million truffles a year.

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