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Knowledge Center

Download a range of media resources, including research documents, resource manuals, reports, and presentations.

  • Manuals

    Field resources and training materials, cocoa farming manuals, educational and vocational teaching manuals, World Bank manuals.

    • CABI Bioscience Farmer Training Manual [French Version]

      Download by Chapter
    • CocoaAction Resources – May 2016

      Download by Chapter
      • CocoaAction Primer - EnglishDownload
      • Guide CocoaAction - FrancaiseDownload
      • Community Development Manual - EnglishDownload
      • Monitoring & Evaluation Guide - EnglishDownload
    • World Bank: “Village Participation in Rural Development”

  • Research Updates

    Scientific updates and cocoa-related articles provided as a resource by WCF.

    • June 2012 WCF/USDA Research Update

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  • Research Documents

    Recent studies and articles from our quarterly research updates.

    • A computer simulation study on the number of loci and trees required to estimate genetic variability in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.)

    • Detection and quantification of in vitro-culture induced chimerism using simple sequence repeat (SSR) analysis in Theobroma cacao (L.)

    • Genetic diversity and natural population structure of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) from the Brazilian Amazon evaluated by microsatellite markers

  • Reports

    Program updates and WCF Annual Reports.

    • Committed to Cocoa-Growing Communities

    • Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship – Global Cocoa Initiative

  • Videos

    Program and training videos.

  • Partnership Meetings

    Presentations and notes from WCF's Partnership Meetings and Seminars.

    • October 2012 – 22nd Partnership Meeting & Roundtable Sessions in Zürich, Switzerland

      • Meeting Agenda with confirmed speakers - October 24-25Download
      • Opening Remarks [All Presentations]Download
      • Innovation A: Mobile Extension Service [All Presentations]Download
      • Innovation B: Solar Energy for Rural Communities [All Presentations]Download
      • Innovation C: Verified Brands Program for Agrochemicals [All Presentations]Download
      • Innovation D: Business Approach to Diversification [All Presentations]Download
      • Innovation E: Video Technology for Extension [All Presentations]Download
      • Innovation F: Cloud-Based Tools for Managing Cooperatives & TraceabilityDownload
      • Keynote Address [Speech]Download
      • Direct Sourcing & Sustainability: Company Experiences [All Presentations]Download
      • Women & Cocoa Farming: New Approaches to Bridging the GapDownload
  • Resources for Teachers

    WCF Quarterly member webinar recordings.


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