The Hershey Company recently issued its second Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report – “Listen. Learn. Act.” – outlining how the company has taken action to address the topics and issues in the Marketplace of greatest concern to many of our stakeholders. The Marketplace is one of the four pillars of Hershey’s Corporate Social Responsibility Framework, and one where the company devotes significant time and resources to manage our marketplace performance.

Hershey’s prides itself on taking an approach that engages with stakeholders throughout its value chain.  This includes cocoa farmers and their communities, grocers, large retailers, parents, consumer groups, governments, and nongovernmental organizations.  These interactions provide critical feedback and help guide meaningful Marketplace priorities and programs for Hershey.

Hershey’s CSR Report reveals that the company met or exceeded its Marketplace goals for 2011, launching several substantive programs in areas ranging from cocoa sustainability to food safety to consumer-well being.

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