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The World Cocoa Foundation works through public-private partnerships that bring together development agencies, industry members, producing country governments, research institutes and non-governmental organizations to achieve its goals. Companies and trade associations can participate in these partnerships by becoming members of the Foundation. Individuals and groups can make a donation and learn about cocoa and the people who grow it.


When you contribute to the World Cocoa Foundation, you are supporting our work to improve the lives of cocoa farmers, their families, and communities in West Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Provide a young farmer with the tools to succeed

The WCF Community Development program provides basic and livelihoods education to youth in cocoa-growing communities in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. For young adults, the training includes thoroughly practical work in garden plots where farming skills are developed. Giving them tool kits at the conclusion of their training enables the launch of their own business. A donation of $275 purchases a kit for one program graduate that includes: hybrid cocoa seeds, seedling bags, protective clothing and safety gear, farming tools and supplies.

100% of your $275 donation will go towards this program.

Make a general donation

A general, unrestricted donation allows WCF the greatest flexibility to utilize resources where they are most needed. 

Click here to download the Individual Donor Form

The World Cocoa Foundation is a private foundation under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.


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