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    Cocoa and the Global Goals: Eliminating Deforestation (SDG15)

    Written by Gaël Lescornec, Partnership Advisor, World Cocoa Foundation and Jonas Mva Mva, Cocoa Program Director, IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative “Les forets sont plus importantes pour nous que pour vous.” (Forests are more important for us than…Read More »

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    Sustainable Solutions at the Base of the Supply Chain: The Case for Cocoa

    Written by Paul Macek, Vice President, Programs, World Cocoa Foundation Originally published by Skoll. When you think of chocolate, you probably conjure up thoughts of hot chocolate after skiing or memories of a favorite person who offered you…Read More »

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    12Tree joins World Cocoa Foundation

    WCF is pleased to welcome Berlin-based 12Tree as our newest member.   On joining WCF, the company said, “At 12Tree we develop large-scale cocoa projects always placing environmental and social sustainability first, while ensuring profitability for…Read More »

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    Cocoanect joins World Cocoa Foundation

    WCF is pleased to welcome Rotterdam, Netherlands-based Cocoanect as our newest member.   On joining WCF, Cocoanect’s Director Arjen Thiescheffer said, “Cocoanect aims for long-term dedicated supply chains with a true positive impact for farmer livelihoods.…Read More »

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    COFCAO joins World Cocoa Foundation

    WCF is pleased to welcome Republic of Congo and São Tomé & Principe-based COFCAO as our newest member.   On joining WCF, the company’s R&D and Quality Manager Dean Peixoto said, “COFCAO is an agricultural company…Read More »

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    SIAT joins World Cocoa Foundation

    WCF is pleased to welcome Belgium-based SIAT, N.V., as our newest member.   On joining WCF, company Chairman & CEO Pierre Vandebeeck said, “Through its Biotech subsidiary Deroose Plants (DRP), [SIAT] is active in the production…Read More »

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    Cocoa Matters: February 2018

    Cocoa Matters: Love Sustainable Cocoa Edition Subscribe to the WCF Cocoa Matters monthly newsletter!

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    Tackling Child Labor in the Cocoa Sector: An Industry Viewpoint of a Work in Progress

    Written by Timothy S. McCoy, Vice President, Membership and External Affairs, WCF The world observes Valentine’s Day with chocolate, an occasion that often prompts questions about  unacceptable and illegal child labor in the cocoa supply chain.…Read More »

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    How Public-Private Partnerships Fight Climate Change in the Cocoa Supply Chain

    Cédric van Cutsem, Global Operations Manager, Cocoa Life, Mondelēz International Deforestation is a growing and serious problem, and for Mondelēz International, it makes up the largest part of our carbon footprint. We are committed to addressing this…Read More »

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    Cocoa and Climate Change: Urban Legends and Rural Realities

    Written by Ethan Budiansky, Director, Environment, World Cocoa Foundation Since 2013, a series of media articles have caused cocoa farmers and chocolate lovers alike to worry that chocolate could become “extinct” in the next few decades. These…Read More »

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