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    Cutting deforestation out of the cocoa supply chain

    In West Africa, cocoa has been identified as a major driver of deforestation which has led to serious soil degradation, water insecurity and crop failures in the region. To address these issues, governments and the private…Read More »

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    New Frontiers in the Fight Against Deadly Cocoa Disease

    by: Dr. Virginie Mfegue, CSSV Program Manager – West Africa Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Disease (CSSV) is a viral disease endemic to West Africa that was first identified in Ghana in the mid-1930s.  By some estimates, the disease…Read More »

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    Supporting The Next Generation of Cocoa Research

    With three months under my belt at the helm of the World Cocoa Foundation and having just wrapped up our largest ever partnership meeting in Abidjan, it’s a perfect time to take stock of where we…Read More »

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    Can chocolate really cure hunger?

    Some mornings we wake up and wonder if chocolate, especially dark chocolate, isn’t becoming a cure for everything—heart disease, obesity, and hypertension. Despite growing evidence about the health benefits of dark chocolate, we know that the…Read More »

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    Message from new WCF President, Rick Scobey

    Dear colleagues – It is an honor and privilege to be selected as the new President of WCF. I’ve known about the work of WCF for many years.  In the international development community, the cocoa industry…Read More »

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    Message from WCF Acting President Tim McCoy

    Dear WCF Members and Supporters: I want to take this opportunity, the last such that I will have in my current role, to thank all of you, and especially WCF Chairman Barry Parkin, Vice Chair Steven…Read More »

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    Ezaki Glico joins World Cocoa Foundation

    WCF is thrilled to welcome Ezaki Glico as its newest member. Ezaki Glico is a Japanese branded chocolate and confectionery company, best known for their chocolate-covered pretzel stick snack, Pocky, among other products.  “Contribute to society…Read More »

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    Child Labor in Cocoa Coordinating Group Principals Meeting

    On June 22, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor hosted the Child Labor in Cocoa Coordinating Group (CLCCG) Principals Meeting to discuss progress and challenges under the Harkin-Engel Protocol’s Framework of Action. WCF Acting President, Tim McCoy, provided…Read More »

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    Tree Global joins World Cocoa Foundation

    WCF is thrilled to welcome Tree Global as its newest member. Tree Global is an international nursery service, created to provide High Performance Seedlings to large scale projects focused on agriculture, sustainable timber and environmental restoration.…Read More »

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    Clasen Quality Coatings, Inc. (CQC) joins World Cocoa Foundation

    WCF is pleased to announce that chocolate and confectionery coatings manufacturer Clasen Quality Coatings, Inc. (CQC) has become the latest member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF). Please see the following statement from CQC. “Clasen Quality…Read More »

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