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    We Study Trees at NASA, Too

    Written by Laura Duncanson, Assistant Research Professor, NASA Goddard People are often surprised to learn that I’m a NASA scientist who studies trees. Many don’t realize that in addition to searching the universe, much of NASA’s research…Read More »

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    Japanese Members Focus on Cocoa Sustainability

    Written by Tim McCoy, Vice President, Member & External Relations With the recent addition of branded confectionery company Fujiya, WCF now counts 13 Japan-based members*. After the United States, no other single country boasts as many WCF…Read More »

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    Celebrating Women in Cocoa, from the Farmer to the CEO

    Written by Caroline Lubbers, Program Manager, WINCC As the cocoa sector gathers in Berlin for the World Cocoa Conference (WCC) at the invitation of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), we must recognize that we are facing unprecedented…Read More »

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    Packing My Bags for Berlin

    Written by Rick Scobey, President, World Cocoa Foundation Next week is an important milestone for the world of cocoa — some 1,500 stakeholders from around the world will gather in Berlin for the biennial World Cocoa Conference (WCC),…Read More »

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    Four New Reasons to Feel Good about Chocolate

    Written by Jeff King, Sr. Director Sustainability, CSR and Social Innovation at The Hershey Company. Blog post originally published here. On March 28, I had the chance to visit with top government officials and cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire,…Read More »

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    Cocoa and the Global Goals: Accelerating Education (SDG4)

    Written by Gaël Lescornec, Partnership Advisor, World Cocoa Foundation and Fabio Segura, Head of International Programs, Jacobs Foundation What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a company investing in education? School buildings…Read More »

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    Whittaker’s Samoan Cocoa Export Improvement Program Focuses on Sustainability and Climate Change Mitigation

    Written by Keith Budd, Senior Consultant, SPS Biosecurity Ltd. Cocoa is a long-established crop in Samoa and was traditionally the second largest earner of export revenue. Criollo type cocoa was planted on German plantations in Samoa…Read More »

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    Forest Positive Cocoa in the Amazon

    Written by Rodrigo Mauro Freire, Deputy, Restoration Strategy, The Nature Conservancy and Ethan Budiansky, Director, Environment, World Cocoa Foundation Travel back in time with us to 2014 and a meeting with Ms. Valcilene dos Santos Primo, a cattle…Read More »

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    Cocoa and the Global Goals: Eliminating Deforestation (SDG15)

    Written by Gaël Lescornec, Partnership Advisor, World Cocoa Foundation and Jonas Mva Mva, Cocoa Program Director, IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative “Les forets sont plus importantes pour nous que pour vous.” (Forests are more important for us than…Read More »

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    Sustainable Solutions at the Base of the Supply Chain: The Case for Cocoa

    Written by Paul Macek, Vice President, Programs, World Cocoa Foundation Originally published by Skoll. When you think of chocolate, you probably conjure up thoughts of hot chocolate after skiing or memories of a favorite person who offered you…Read More »

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