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  • Bosompem, M., Kwarteng, J.A., Ntifo-Siaw, E. Perceived impact of cocoa innovations on the livelihoods of cocoa farmers in Ghana: the Sustainable Livelihood Framework (SL) approach. J. Sustainable Development in Africa, 2011, vol. 13 (4)

  • A computer simulation study on the number of loci and trees required to estimate genetic variability in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.)

  • Genetic diversity and natural population structure of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) from the Brazilian Amazon evaluated by microsatellite markers

  • Detection and quantification of in vitro-culture induced chimerism using simple sequence repeat (SSR) analysis in Theobroma cacao (L.)

  • Bateman, R. The use of narrow-angle cone nozzles to spray cocoa pods and other slender biological targets . Crop Protection. 2004 Oct., vol. 23, issue 10, p. 989-999.

  • Baker, C. J., Harrington, T.C., Krauss, U., Alfenas, A.C. Genetic variability and host specialization in the Latin American clade of Ceratocystis fimbirata . Phytopathology, Vol. 93, 2003. p. 1274-1284.

  • Harvey, C. A.;Gonzalez, J.; Somarriba, E.Dung beetle and terrestrial mammal diversity in forests, indigenous agroforestry systems and plantain monocultures in Talamanca, Costa Rica. Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. 15, p. 555-585. 2006.

  • Bateman, R.P. Spray application to cocoa pods and other small targets using cone nozzles. Aspects of Applied Biology 77:79-84.

  • Hug, B.; Golay, P.A.; Giuffrida, F.; Dionisi, F.; Destaillats, F . Development of a gas-liquid chromatographic method for the analysis of fatty acid tryptamides in cocoa products. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. Vol. 54, p. 3199-3203, 2006.

  • Tahi, G.M.; Kebe, B.I.; N’Goran, J.A.K.; Sangare, A.; Mondeil, F.; Cilas, C.; Eskes, A.B. Expected selection efficiency for resistance to cacao pod rot (Phytophthora palmivora) comparing leaf disc inoculation with field observation. Euphytica 149:35-44, 2006

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