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  • Carlsen, M.H., Halvorsen, B.L., Holte, K., Bøhn, S.K., Dragland, S., Sampson, L., Willey, C., Senoo, H., Umezono, Y., Sanada, C., Barikmo, I., Berhe, N., Willett, W.C., Phillips, K.M., Jacobs, D.R. Jr., Blomhoff, R. The total antioxidant content of more than 3100 foods, beverages, spices, herbs and supplements used worldwide. Nutrition Journal vol. 9:3, 2010.

  • Rojas, E.I., Rehner, S.A., Samuels, G.J., Van Bael, S.A., Herre, E. A., Cannon, P., Chen, R., Pang, J., Wang, R., Zhang, Y., Peng, Y-Q., Sha, T. Colletotrichum gloeosporioides s.l. associated with Theobroma cacao and other plants in Panama : multilocus phylogenies distinguish host-associated pathogens from asymptomatic endophytes. Mycologia 102, p. 1318-1338, 2010.

  • Kuhn, D.N., Figueira, A., Lopes, U., Motamayor, J.C., Meerow , A.W., Cariaga, K., Freeman, B., Livingstone, D.S., Schnell, R.J. Evaluating Theobroma grandiflorum for comparative genomic studies with Theobroma cacao. Tree Genetics & Genomes, vol. 6, p. 783-792, 2010.

  • Hurst, W.J., Stanley, B., Jan A. Glinski, J.A., Davey, M., Mark J. Payne, M.J., Stuart, D.A. Characterization of Primary Standards for Use in the HPLC Analysis of the Procyanidin Content of Cocoa and Chocolate Containing Products. Molecules, vol., p. 4136-4146, 2009.

  • Hii, C.L., Law, C.L., Cloke, M. Determination of Effective Diffusivity of Cocoa Beans using Variable Diffusivity Model. Journal of Applied Sciences, Vol. 9, p. 3116-3120, 2009.

  • Ferreira, M.; Rocha, R.B.; Gonçalves, E.P.; Alves, E.U.; Ribeiro, G.D. Influência do substrato no crescimento de mudas de cupuaçu (Theobroma grandiflorum Schum.) = Influence of the substrate on the growth of cupuassu (Theobroma grandiflorum Schum.) seedlings. Acta Scientiarum:Agronomy, vol. 31, p. 677-681, 2009.

  • Cleenwerck, I., Gonzalez, A., Camu, N. Engelbeen, K., DeVos, P., DeVuyst, L. Acetobacter fabarum sp. Nov., an acetic acid bacterium from a Ghanaian cocoa bean heap fermentation. International Journal of Systematic Evolutionary Microbiology, vol. 58, p. 2180-2185, 2008.

  • Carvalho,, Pires, A.J.V., Garcia, R., Veloso, C,M., Silva, R.R., Lima, F.B. Degradabilidade in situ da matéria seca, da proteína bruta e da fração fibrosa de concentrados e subprodutos agroindustriais. Ciência Animal Brasileira, vol. 10, p. 689-697, 2009.

  • Armado, A., Contreras, F., García, P., Paolini, J. Correlación de actividades enzimáticas con la respiración basal en suelos cacaoteros del occidente venezolano Advances Quimica, vol. 4, p. 73-77, 2009.

  • Suparno, A. The Effectiveness of AMF Inoculum to Enhance the Potency of Papuan Crandallite Phosphate Rock and the Growth of Cocoa Seedling. Jurnal Tanah Tropika, vol. 14 (3), p. 261-267, 2009.

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