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  • Clough, Y. A generalized approach to modeling and estimating indirect effects in ecology. Ecology, vol. 93(8), pp. 1809-1815, 2012.

  • Brownson, S., Vincent, I-M., Etim, D. Determinants of Cash Crop Output Volatility in Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 4, p. 174-184, 2012.

  • Zahouli, G.I.B., Tagro Guehi, S., Monké Fae, A., Ban-Koffi, L., Gnopo Nemlin, J. Effect of Drying Methods on the Chemical Quality Traits of Cocoa Raw Material. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, vol. 2, p. 184-190, 2010.

  • Wanger, T.C., Iskandar, D.T., Motzke, I., Brook, B.W., Sodhi, N.S., Clough, Y., Tscharntke, T. Effects of land-use change on community composition of tropical amphibians and reptiles in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Conservation Biology, vol. 24, p. 795-802, 2010.

  • van Straaten,O., Veldkamp, E., Köhler, M., Anas, I. Drought effects on soil CO2 efflux in a cacao agroforestry system in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Biogeosciences Discussions, vol. 6, p. 11541-11576, 2009.

  • Seeberg-Elverfeldt, C., Schwarze, S., Zeller, M. Payments for environmental services – Carbon finance options for smallholders’ agroforestry in Indonesia. International Journal of the Commons, vol. 3, p. 108-130, 2009.

  • Noori, S., Zafar, H., Mahboob, T. Biochemical Effectiveness of Cocoa Powder on Electrolytes Homeostasis, Liver and Cardiac Specific Enzymes and Renal Function. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, vol. 8, p. 882-886, 2009.

  • Medeiros, F.H.V., Pomella, A.W.V., de Souza, J.T., Niella, G.R., Valle, R., Bateman, R.P., Fravel, D., Vinyard, B., Hebbar, P.K. A novel, integrated method for management of witches’ broom disease in Cacao in Bahia, Brazil. Crop Protection, vol. 29, p. 704-711, 2010.

  • Lopes, M.A., Hora, B.T., Jr., Dias, C.V., Santos, G.C., Gramacho, K.P., Cascardo, J.C.M., Gesteira, A.S., Micheli, F. Expression analysis of transcription factors from the interaction between cacao and Moniliophthora perniciosa (Tricholomataceae). Genetics and Molecular Research, 9 (3), pp. 1279-1297, 2010.

  • Kareem, B., Awopetu, O.O., Oke, P.K., Akinnuli, B.O., Ayodeji, S.P., Mogaji, P.B. Modelling Demand and Supply of Cocoa Produce in Nigeria using Regression Method Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science, vol. 2185, p. 2302-23-05, 2010.

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