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  • Jaimez, R.E., Araque, O., Guzman, D., Mora, A., Espinoza, W., Tezara, W. Agroforestry systems of timber species and cacao: Survival and growth during the early stages. Journal Agriculture Rural Development Tropics Subtropics, vol. 114 (1), p. 1-11, 2013.

  • Illeghems, K., De Vuyst, L., Weckx, S. Complete genome sequence and comparative analysis of Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B, a strain well-adapted to the cocoa bean fermentation ecosystem. BMC Genomics, p. 526. Article in Press, 2013.

  • Idris, A., Rasaki, K., Folake, T. Hakeem, B. Analysis of pesticide use in cocoa production in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, vol. 3 (6), p. 1-9, 2013.

  • Huamaní-Yupanqui, H.A., Huauya-Rojas, M.A., Mansilla-Minaya, L.G., Florida-Rofner, N., Neira-Trujillo, G.M. Presence of heavy metals in organic cacao [Theobroma cacao L.) crop [Presencia de metales pesados en cultivo de cacao [Theobroma cacao L.) orgánico]. Acta Agronomica, vol. 61 (4), p. 339-344, 2012.

  • Harwood, M.L., Ziegler, G.R., Hayes, J.E. Tolerance for high flavanol cocoa powder in semisweet chocolate. Nutrients, 5, p. 2258-2267, 2013.

  • Galland, B., Guillebert, J., Letourmy, A. A public/private partnership experiment in the area of social health protection in Tanzania. Field Actions Science Report, 8, special, 2012.

  • Fernandes, A.R., Dario, M.F., Pindo, C.A.S.O., Kaneko, T.M., Baby, A.R., Velasco, M.V.R. Stability evaluation of organic lip lalm. Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 49 (2), pp. 293-299, 2013.

  • Evans, H.C., Bezerra, J.L., Barreto, R.W. Of mushrooms and chocolate trees: aetiology and phylogeny of witches’ broom and frosty pod diseases of cacao. Plant Pathology, vol. 62, p. 728-740, 2013.

  • Di Renzo, L., Rizzo, M., Sarlo, F., Colica, C., Iacopino, L., Domino, E., Sergi, D., De Lorenzo, A. Effects of dark chocolate in a population of normal weight obese women: a pilot study. Eur. Rev. Med. Pharmacol. Sci., vol. 17 (16), p. 2257-2266, 2013.

  • Crescenti, A., Solà, R., Valls, R.M., Caimari, A., del Bas, J.M., Anguera, A., Anglés, N., Arola, L. Cocoa Consumption Alters the Global DNA Methylation of Peripheral Leukocytes in Humans with Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Randomized Controlled Trial. PLoS ONE, vol. 8 (6), art. no. e65744, 2013.

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