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  • Reinking, O.A. Comparative Study of Phytophthora faberi on Coconut and Cacao in the Philippine Islands. Journal Agricultural Research, vol. 25, p. 267-284, 1923

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  • Hammerstone, J.F., Lazarus, S.A., Mitchell, A.E., Rucker, R., Schmitz, H.H. Identification of Procyanidins in Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) and Chocolate Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. Journal Agricultural Food Chemistry, vol. 47, p. 490-496

  • Chin, H.F., Krishnapillay, B., Stanwood, P.C. Seed moisture: recalcitrant vs. orthodox seeds. Seed moisture : proceedings of a symposium / sponsored by Divisions C-4 and C-2 of the Crop Science Society of America in Atlanta, Georgia, 30 Nov. 1987; editors, Phillip C. Stanwood and Miller B. McDonald. Madison, Wis., USA : CSSA, 1989., p. 15-22

  • Jalil, A.M.M., Ismail, A. Polyphenols in Cocoa and Cocoa Products: Is There a Link between Antioxidant Properties and Health? Molecules, vol. 13, p. 2190-2219, 2008

  • Geise, L. ; Pereira, L.G. Rodents (Rodentia) and marsupials (Didelphimorphia) in the municipalities of Ilhéus and Pau Brasil, state of Bahia, Brazil. Check List, vol. 4, p. 174-177, 2008

  • Koch, S., Faust, H., Barkmann, J. Differences in Power Structures Regarding Access to Natural Resources at the Village Level in Central Sulawesi (Indonesia). ASEAS : Österreichische Zeitschrift für Südostasienwissenschaften, vol. 1, p. 59-81, 2008

  • Hidayat, Y., Sinukaban, N., Powetan, H., Suria, D.T. Impact of Rainforest Conversion on Surface Runoff and Soil Erosion in Nopu Upper Catchment of Central Sulawesi. Jurnal Tanah Tropika, vol. 13, p. 59-65, 2008

  • D’Archivio, M., Santangelo, C., Scazzacchio, B., Varì,, R., Filesi, C., Masella, R., Giovannini, C. Modulatory Effects of Polyphenols on Apoptosis Induction: Relevance for Cancer Prevention. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 9, p. 213-228, 2008

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