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  • Oyedokun A.V., Omoloye, A.A., Adewale, B.D. Adeigbe, O.O., Adenuga, O.O, Aikpokpodion, P.O. Phenotypic Variability and Diversity Analysis of Bean Traits of Some Cocoa Hybrids in Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, vol. 3, p. 127-131, 2011.

  • Posada F.J., Virdiana, I., Navies, M., Pava-Ripoll, M., Hebbar, P. 2011. Sexual dimorphism of pupae and adults of the cocoa pod borer, Conopomorpha cramerella. Journal of Insect Science, vol.11:52 available online:

  • Melnick, R. L., C. Suárez, B. A. Bailey, and P. A. Backman. Isolation of endophytic endospore-forming bacteria from Theobroma cacao as potential biological control agents of cacao diseases. Biological Control 57:236-245.

  • Clough, Y., Barkmann, J., Juhrbandt, J., Kessler, M., Cherico, T., Wanger, A.A., Buchori, D., Cicuzza, D., Darras, D., Putra, D., Erasmi, S., Pitopang, R., Schmidt, C., Schulze, C.H., Seidell, D., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Stenchlya, K., Vidal, S., Weist, M., Wielgoss, A.C., Tscharntke, T. Combining high biodiversity with high yields in tropical agroforests. PNAS 2011. doi/10.1073/pnas.1016799108 This article contains supporting information online at 1073/pnas.1016799108/-/DCSupplemental. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1016799108

  • Agyemang, O., Golow, A.A., Serfor-Armah, Y., Ackah, M., Ahiamadjie, H., Gyampo, O., Akortia, E., Tandoh, J.B. Yankey, R.K. Soil Fertility Analysis in Two Cocoa Farming Towns in the Central Region of Ghana. Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, vol. 3, p. 94-99, 2011.

  • Suparjo, K.G.W., E. B. Laconib, E.B., Mangunwidjajac, D. Performa Kambing yang Diberi Kulit Buah Kakao Terfermentasi. Goat Performance Fed with Fermented Cocoa Pod Husk. Media Peternakan, April 2011, hlm. 35-41.

  • Ruiz, J.C., Roa Gamboa, O., Marin Arguello, I. Molecular Ecology of genetic diversity of cacao cultivated in the south-east region of Nicaragua. International Research Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 1(1), pp. 6-13, 2011.

  • Rodriguez, A., Infante, D. Characterization in silico of flavonoids biosynthesis in Theobroma cacao L. Network Biology, 2011, 1(1): 34-45.

  • Montaño Hernandez, P., Orozco Gutiérrez, J.J., Castillo Martínez, L., Orea Tejeda, A., Martínez, L., Cassis, N.L., Ubeda, F., Belio, G., Muñoz, E.C. Efecto de una bebida láctea a base de cocoa sobre la presión arterial y función endotelial en pacientes con insuficiencia cardiaca: ensayo clínico aleatorizado, doble ciego, controlado con placebo. Rev Cubana Cardiol Cir Cardiovasc, 17(1):52-61, 2011.

  • Mekonnen, M.M., Hoekstra, A.Y. The green, blue and grey water footprint of crops and derived crop products. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 15, 1577–1600, 2011.

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