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  • Schmitt, C.A.; Dirsch, V.M. Modulation of endothelial nitric oxide by plant-derived products. Nitric oxide – biology and chemistry, vol. 21, p. 77-91, 2009

  • Santos, E. S. L. dos; Cerqueira-Silva, C. B. M.; Clement, D. P. L.; Luz, E. D. M. N. Identification of cacao genetic resistance to black pod disease. Portuguese. Identificacao de resistencia genetica do cacaueiro a podridao-parda. Embrapa Informacao Tecnologica, vol. 44, p..413-416, 2009

  • Riju, A.; Rajesh, M.K.; Sherin, P.T.P.F.; Chandrasekar, A.; Apshara, S.E.; Arunachalam, V. Mining of expressed sequence tag libraries of cacao for microsatellite markers using five computational tools. Journal of Genetics, vol. 88, p. 217-225, 2009

  • Macagnan, D.; Romeiro, R. da S.; Pomella, A. W. V. Inhibition of Crinipellis perniciosa basidiospore germination by volatile compounds produced by five actinomycetes phyloplane residents of cocoa. In Portuguese. Inibicao da germinacao de basidiosporos de Crinipellis perniciosa por compostos volateis produzidos por cinco actinomicetos residentes de filoplano de cacaueiro. Summa Phytopathologica, vol. 35, p. 140-142, 2009

  • Lima, L.S.; Gramacho, K.P.; Carels, N.; Novais, R.; Gaiotto, F.A.; Lopes, U.V.; Gesteira, A.S.; Zaidan, H.A.; Cascardo, J.C.M.; Pires, J.L.; Micheli, F. Single nucleotide polymorphisms from Theobroma cacao expressed sequence tags associated with witches’ broom disease in cacao. Genetics and Molecular Research, vol. 8, p. 799-808, 2009

  • Kelly, P.L.; Reeder, R.; Rhodes, S.; Edwards, N. First confirmed report of witches’ broom caused by Moniliophthora perniciosa on cacao, Theobroma cacao, in Saint Lucia. Plant Pathology, vol. 58, p. 798, 2009

  • Kalili, K.M.; de Villiers, A. Off-line comprehensive 2-dimensional hydrophilic interaction xreversed phase liquid chromatography analysis of procyanidins. Journal of Chromatography, vol.1216, p. 6274-84, 2009

  • Frimpong, E. A.; Gordon, I.; Kwapong, P. K.; Gemmill-Herren, B. Dynamixs of cocoa pollination: tools and applications for surveying and monitoring cocoa pollinators. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science, vol. 29, p.62-69, 2009

  • Haro-Carrion, X.; Lozada, T.; Navarrette, H.; De Koning, G.H.J. Conservation of Vascular Epiphyte Diversity in Shade CacaoPlantations in the Choco Region of Ecuador. Biotropica, vol.41, p. 250-259, 2009

  • Davis, S.C.; Perez, R. Cosmeceuticals and natural products: wound healing. Clinics in dermatology, vol. 27, p. 502-506, 2009

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