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  • Calderon, A.I.; Wright, B.J.; Hurst, W.J.; van Breemen, R.B. Screening antioxidants using LC-MS: case study with cocoa. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 57, p. 5693-5699, 2009

  • Belscak, A.; Komes, D.; Horzic, D.; Ganic, K.K., Karlovic, D. Comparative study of commercially available cocoa products in terms of their bioactive composition. Food Research International, vol. 42, p. 707-716, 2009

  • Bastos, C. N. Method for preservation of viability and antagonic activity of Trichoderma stromaticum, biocontrol agent of witches broom disease of Cocoa. In Portuguese. Metodo para preservacao da viabilidade e atividade antagonica de trichoderma stromaticum, agente de biocontrole da vassoura-de-bruxa do cacaueiro. Summa Phytopathologica, vol. 34, p. 265-266, 2008

  • Bae, H.; Sicher, R.C.; Kim, M.S.; Kim, S-H. Strem, M.D.; Melnick, R.L.; Bailey, B.A. The beneficial endophyte Trichoderma hamatum isolate DIS 219b promotes growth and delays the onset of the drought response in Theobroma cacao. Journal of Experimental Botany, vol. 60, p. 3279-3295, 2009

  • Anim-Kwapong, G.J.; Osei-Bonsu, K. Potential of natural and improved fallow using indigenous trees to facilitate cacao replanting in Ghana. Agroforestry Systems, vol. 76, p. 533-542, 2009

  • Andre-Nightingale, L.M.; Lee, S.Y.; Engeseth, N.J. Textural changes in chocolate characterized by instrumental and sensory techniques. Journal of Texture Studies, vol. 40, p. 427-444, 2009

  • Zhang, D.; Boccara, M.; Motilal, L.; Mischke, S.; Johnson, E.S.; Butler, D.R.; Bailey, B.; Meinhardt, L. Molecular characterization of an earliest cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) collection from Upper Amazon using microsatellite DNA markers. Tree Genetics & Genomes, vol. 5, p. 595-607, 2009

  • Wanger, T.C.; Saro, A.; Iskandar, D.T.; Brook, B.W.; Sodhi, N.S.; Clough, Y.; Tscharntke, T. Conservation value of cacao agroforestry for amphibians and reptiles in South-East Asia: combining correlative models with follow-up field experiments. J. Appl. Ecology, vol.46, p. 823-832, 2009

  • Stahl, L.; Miller, K.B.; Apgar, J.; Sweigart, D.S.; Stuart, D.A.; McHale, N.; Ou, B.; Kondo, M.; Hurst, W.J. Preservation of Cocoa Antioxidant Activity, Total Polyphenols, Flavan-3-ols, and Procyanidin Content in Foods Prepared with Cocoa Powder. J. Food Science, vol. 74, p. C456-C461, 2009

  • Schmitt, C.A.; Dirsch, V.M. Modulation of endothelial nitric oxide by plant-derived products. Nitric oxide – biology and chemistry, vol. 21, p. 77-91, 2009

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