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  • Baligar, V.C., Fageria, N.K. Agronomy and Physiology of Tropical Cover Crops. Journal of Plant Nutrition, vol. 30, p.1287-1339, 2007

  • Sanogo, S., Pomella, A., Hebbar, P.K., Bailey, B., Costa, J.C.B., Samuels, G.J., Lumsden, R.D. Production and germination of conidia of Trichoderma stromaticum, a mycoparasite of Crinipellis perniciosa on cacao. Phytopathology, vol. 92, p. 1032-1037, 2002

  • Opoku, S.Y., Bhattacharjee, R., Kolesnikova-Allen, M., Motamayor, J.C., Schnell, R., Ingelbrecht, I., Enu-Kwesi, L., Adu-Ampomah, Y. Genetic diversity in cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) germplasm collection from Ghana. Journal of Crop Improvement, vol. 20, p. 73-87, 2007

  • Neff, W.E., Byrdwell, W.C., List, G.R. Triacylglycerol structures of food fats high in saturated acids by HPLC and mass spectrometry. Journal of liquid chromatography & related technologies, vol. 24, p. 837-854, 2001

  • Irizarry, H., Goenaga, R. Clonal selection in cacao based on early yield performance of grafted trees. Journal of agriculture University Puerto Rico, vol. 84, p. 153-163, 2000

  • Gu, L., Kelm, M., Hammerstone, J.F., Beecher, G., Cunningham, D., Vannozzi, S., Prior, R.L. Fractionation of polymeric procyanidins from lowbush blueberry and quantification of procyanidins in selectedfoods with an optimized normal-phase HPLC-MS fluorescent detection method. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. J., vol. 50, p. 4852-4860, 2002

  • Baligar, V.C., Fageria, N.K. Soil Aluminum Effects on Growth and Nutrition of Cacao. Soil science and plant nutrition, vol. 51, p. 709-713, 2005

  • Bae, H., Bowers, J.H., Tooley, P.W., Bailey, B.A. NEP1 orthologs encoding necrosis and ethylene inducing proteins exist as a multigene family in Phytophthora megakarya, causal agent of black pod disease on cacao. Mycological Research, vol.109, p. 1373-1385, 2005

  • Aneja, M., Gianfagna, T.J., Hebbar, P.K. Trichoderma harzianum produces nonanoic acid, an inhibitor of spore germination and mycelial growth of two cacao pathogens. Physiological Molecular Plant Pathology, vol. 67, p. 304-307, 2005

  • Sessa, D.J. Derivation of a cocoa butter equivalent from jojoba transesterified ester via a differential scanning calorimetry index. Journal Science Food Agriculture, vol. 72, p. 295-298, 1996

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