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  • de Godoy, P.R.E., Souza, M.M., Roza, F.A., Lawinscky, P.R., Araújo, I.S., Ahnert, D. Pollen performance in self-compatible and self-incompatible cacao trees (Theobroma cacao L.) [Performance polínica em cacaueiros (Theobroma cacao L.) autocompatíveis e autoincompatíveis]. Revista Brasileira de Botanica, 32 (3), pp. 617-620, 2009

  • Campos, R. , Ollivon, M. , Marangoni, A.G. Molecular composition dynamics and structure of cocoa butter. Crystal Growth and Design, 10 (1), pp. 205-217, 2010

  • Babin, R., Ten Hoopen, G.M., Cilas, C., Enjalric, F., Yedee , Gendre, P., Lumaret, J.-P. Impact of shade on the spatial distribution of Sahlbergella singularis in traditional cocoa agroforests. Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 12 (1), pp. 69-79, 2010

  • Anikwe, J.C. Evaluation of field damage and chemical control of outbreak of Sahlbergella singularis haglund in a cocoa plantation in Ibadan, Nigeria. American-Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 3 (1), pp. 19-23, 2009

  • Zafra-Calvo, N., Cerro, R., Fuller, T., Lobo, J.M., Rodríguez, M.A., Sarkar, S. Prioritizing areas for conservation and vegetation restoration in post-agricultural landscapes: A Biosphere Reserve plan for Bioko, Equatorial Guinea. Biological Conservation, 143, pp. 787-794, 2010

  • Silva, T.E.R., Cidade, L.C., Alvim, F.C., Cascardo, J.C.M., Costa, M.G.C.Studies on genetic transformation of Theobroma cacao L.: Evaluation of different polyamines and antibiotics on somatic embryogenesis and the efficiency of uidA gene transfer by Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, 99 (3), pp. 287-298, 2009

  • Othman, A., Jalil, A.M., Weng, K.K., Ismail, A., Ghani, N., Adenan, I. Epicatechin content and antioxidant capacity of cocoa beans from four different countries. African Journal of Biotechnology, 9 (7), pp. 1052-1059, 2010

  • Oliveira, L.C., Hankerson, S.J., Dietz, J.M., Raboy, B.E. Key tree species for the golden-headed lion tamarin and implications for shade-cocoa management in southern Bahia, Brazil. Animal Conservation, 13 (1), pp. 60-70, 2010

  • Motilal, L.A., Zhang, D., Umaharan, P., Mischke, S., Mooleedhar, V. , Meinhardt, L.W. The relic Criollo cacao in Belize – genetic diversity and relationship with Trinitario and other cacao clones held in the International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad. Plant Genetic Resources: Characterisation and Utilisation, pp. 1-10. Article in Press, 2010 ISSN:1479-2621

  • McMahon, P.J., Purwantara, A., Wahab, A., Imron, M., Lambert, S. , Keane, P.J. , Guest, D.I. Phosphonate applied by trunk injection controls stem canker and decreases phytophthora pod rot (black pod) incidence in cocoa in sulawesi. Australasian Plant Pathology, 39 (2), pp. 170-175, 2010

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