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  • Mato, T.; Kamei, M.; Ito, R.; Sawano, M.; Inokuchi, K.; Nakata, K.; Yamaguchi, A.; Kouki, T.; Mitsuhashi, U.; Mato, M. Beneficial Effects of Cocoa in Perivascular Mato Cells of Cerebral Arterioles in SHR-SP (Izm) Rats. Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, vol.44, p. 142-150, 2009

  • Leuschner, C.; Harteveld, M.; Hertel, D. Consequences of increasing forest use intensity for biomass, morphology and growth of fine roots in a tropical moist forest on Sulawesi, Indonesia. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, vol. 129, p. 474-481, 2009

  • Jenny, M.; Santer, E.; Klein, A.; Ledochowski, M.; Schennach, H.; Ueberall, F.; Fuchs, D. Cacao extracts suppress tryptophan degradation of mitogen-stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, vol. 122, p. 261-267, 2009

  • Hii, C.L.; Law, C.L.; Cloke, M.; Suzannah, S. Thin layer drying kinetics of cocoa and dried product quality. Biosystems Engineering, vol. 102, p. 153-161, 2009

  • Hallenberg, N.; Ryberg, M.; Nilsson, R. H.; Wood, A. R.; Wu, S.H. Pseudolagarobasidium (Basidiomycota): on the reinstatement of a genus of parasitic, saprophytic, and endophytic resupinate fungi. Botany, vol. 86, p.1319-1325, 2008

  • Ghosh, D.; Scheepens, A.; Vascular action of polyphenols. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, vol. 53, p. 322-331, 2009

  • Crown, P. L.; Hurst, W. J. Evidence of cacao use in the Prehispanic American Southwest. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 106, p. 2110-2113, 2009

  • Williamson, G. Bioavailability and health effects of cocoa polyphenols. Inflammopharmacology, vol.17, p. 111, 2009

  • Ramiro-Puig, E.; Castell, M. Cocoa: antioxidant and immunomodulator. British Journal of Nutrition, vol. 101, p. 931-940, 2009

  • Johnson, E.S.; Bekele, F.L.; Brown, S.J.; Song, Q.; Zhang D.; Meinhardt, L.W.; Schnell, R.J. Population Structure and Genetic Diversity of the Trinitario Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) from Trinidad and Tobago. Crop Science, Vol. 49, p. 564-572, 2009

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