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  • Frauendorfer, F.; Schieberle, P. Changes in key aroma compounds of Criollo cocoa beans during roasting. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 56, p. 10244-51, 2008.

  • De Souza Junior, J. O.; Carmello, Q. A. de C.; Faria, J. C. Chemical characteristics of leachate from phosphorus-fertilized substrates during rooting of cocoa tree cuttings. In Portuguese. Caracteristicas quimicas do lixiviado na fase de enraizamento de estacas de cacau em substratos adubados com fosforo. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo, vol. 32, p. 1573-1581, 2008.

  • Bos, M.M.; Tylianakis, J.M.; Steffan-Dewenter, I.; Tscharntke, T. The invasive Yellow Crazy Ant and the decline of forest ant diversity in Indonesian cacao agroforests. Biological Invasions, vol. 10, p.1399-1409, 2008

  • Barreto, T.R.; da Silva, A.C.M.; Soares, A.C.F.; de Souza, J.T. Population densities and genetic diversity of actinomycetes associated to the rhizosphere of Theobroma cacao. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, vol. 39, p. 464-470, 2008.

  • Baker, C.J.; Harrington, T.C.; Krauss, U.; Alfenas, A. Genetic Variability and Host Specialization in the Latin American Clade of Ceratocystis fimbriata. Phytopathology, vol. 93,p. 1274-1284, 2003

  • Somarriba, E. 2007. Cocoa and shade trees: production, diversification and environmental services. [Cocoa y árboles de sombra: producción, diversificación y servicios ambientales]. English. Gro-cocoa (RU). 11 p. 1-4.

  • Somarriba, E. 2007. Agroforestry with cocoa. [Agroforestería con cacao]. English with Spanish summary. In 15 International Cocoa Research Conference, Proccedings Nigeria, COPAL Vol. I. p. 261-264.

  • Schnell, R..J.; Kuhn, D.N.; Brown, J.S.; Olano, C.T.; Phillips-Mora, W.; Amores F.M. & Motamayor J.C. 2007. Development of a Marker Assisted Selection Program for Cacao. [Desarrollo de un programa de selección de cacao asistido por marcadores moleculares]. Inglés. Phytopathology 97 (12): 1664-1669.

  • Phillips-Mora, W.; Wilkinson, M.J. 2007. Frosty pod of cacao, a disease with a limited geographic range but unlimited potential for damage. [Moniliasis del cacao, una enfermedad con un rango geográfico limitado pero con un potencial de daño ilimitado]. English. Phytopathology 97 (12): 1644-1647.

  • Phillips-Mora, W.; Ortiz, C.F.; Aime, M.C. 2007. Fifty years of frosty pod rot in Central America: Chronology of its spread and impact from Panama to Mexico. [Cincuenta años de presencia de Moniliasis del cacao en Centro América: Cronología de su dispersión e impacto desde Panamá hasta México] In 15 International Cocoa Research Conference Proccedings Nigeria, COPAL Vol. I. p. 1039-1047.

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