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  • Morillo, F.; Sanchez, P.; Giron, C.; Valera, A.; Munoz, W.; Guerra, J. Behavior of cacao hybrids (Theobroma cacao) to attack by Steirastoma breve (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae. Comportamiento de hibridos de cacao (Theobroma cacao) al ataque de Steirastoma breve (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)]. Revista Colombiana de Entomologia, vol. 34, p. 151-155, 2008

  • Marcano, M.; Morales, S.; Hoyer, M.T.; Courtois, B.; Risterucci, A.M.; Fouet, O.; Pugh, T.; Cros, E.; Gonzalez, V.; Dagert, M.; Lanaud, C. A genomewide admixture mapping study for yield factors and morphological traits in a cultivated cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) population. Tree Genetics & Genomes, vol. 5, p. 329-337, 2009

  • Jagoret, P.; Bouambi, E.; Menimo, T.; Domkam, I.; Batomen, F. Analysis of the diversity of cocoa cropping systems. Case of the Central Cameroon.In French. Analyse de la diversite des systemes de pratiques en cacaoculture. Cas du Centre Cameroun. Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Societe et Environnement, vol. 12, p.367-377,2009

  • Cassano, C.R.; Schroth,; Faria, D.; Delabie, J.H.C.; Bede, L. Landscape and farm scale management to enhance biodiversity conservation in the cocoa producing region of southern Bahia, Brazil.Biodiversity and conservation, vol. 18, p.577-603, 2009

  • Bordin Schumacher, A.; Brandelli, A.; Schumacher, E.W.; Macedo, F.C.;Pieta, L.; Venzke Klug, T.; Vogt de Jong, E. Development and evaluation of a laboratory scale conch for chocolate production. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, vol. 44, p. 616-622, 2009

  • Anikwe, J.C.; Omoloye, A.A.; Aikpokpodion, P.O.; Okelana, F.A.; Eskes, A.B. Evaluation of resistance in selected cocoa genotypes to the brown cocoa mirid, Sahlbergella singularis Haglund in Nigeria. Crop Protection, vol. 28, p. 350-355, 2009

  • Souza Junior, J. O. de; Carmello, Q. A. de C. Forms and doses of urea to fertilize clonal cocoa tree cuttings cultivated in substrate. Original in Portuguese. Formas de adubacao e doses de ureia para mudas clonais de cacau cultivadas em substrato. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo, vol. 32, p. 2367-2374, 2008.

  • Santos Junior, A. J. dos; Almeida, A. A. F. de; Silva, D. da C.; Faria, J. C.; Mielke, M. S.; Gomes, F. P. Stem cutting rooting, growth and anatomical responses of cacao tree clonal changes to the indole-3-butyric acid. In Portuguese, Enraizamento de estacas, crescimento e respostas anatomicas de mudas clonais de cacaueiro ao acido indol-3-butirico. Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura, vol. 30, p. 1071-1082, 2008

  • Pungartnik, Cristina; da Silva, A.C.; de Melo, S.A.; Gramacho, K.P.; de Mattos Cascardo, J.C.; Brendel, M.; Micheli, F.; da Silva, G.A. High-Affinity Copper Transport and Snq2 Export Permease of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Modulate Cytotoxicity of PR-10 from Theobroma cacao. Molecular Plant-microbe Interactions, vol. 22, p. 39-51, 2009

  • Nieschulze, J.; Erasmi, S.; Dietz, J.; Holscher, D. Satellite-based prediction of rainfall interception by tropical forest stands of a human-dominated landscape in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Journal of Hydrology (Amsterdam), vol. 364, p. 227-235, 2008

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